Super Greens Powders 🥬

Just wondering whether anyone on here has any experience using super greens powders such as Huel, AG1 or any other brands?

Are they any good? Would you recommend?

Expensive and general consensus is if you have a healthy diet or take any other supplements they’re unnecessary.




Aah I did a search on super greens (clearly it hasn’t been mentioned in that way in that thread!!

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I don’t use super green powders because I eat a tonne of fruit and veg anyway.

I do add a seed mix to my morning porridge for the variety / fibre or sometimes cacao powder (choclatey banana porridge - actually really tasty and it’s really good for you).

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What seed mix do you tend to go for? I might do the same…

Normally this one as it’s what they sell in Tesco. I figure any blend of things I wouldn’t eat anywhere else is a plus.

Have real food, not powders.

Fruit tastes way better than chemicals

Maybe. But veggies sure don’t!

Welcome to the community!


Thanks for the welcome, broccoli doesn’t have much of a taste

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I think it’s the lack of a taste with some that’s a big part of the problem with me.

I’m similar with water. My water has to be carbonated in order for me to be able to keep hydrated. Unless I resort to soda. Which might not be a bad thing! :laughing:

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Ahaha hopefully my student debt will finish by then :joy: if I stay alive

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I wanted to ask are you fully using Monzo as your main bank?

Is there a way to access a beta program?

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I’m not personally using as my main bank account right now.

They do have a beta track for the app which you can join.

If you’re on iOS you join the TestFlight here:

If you’re on Android you can sign up to get beta builds from the Play store here:

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Thanks mate, joined the android one. Is there a changelog

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Not too sure, but I doubt it. Monzo’s update notes on iOS aren’t particularly useful or relevant most of the time. I can only guess they’re the same on Android.

But @davidwalton does a fantastic job taking a peek inside the latest releases for all the new stuff if that interests you:


The best way to access new features is to keep an eye on this forum. There’s often chances to enrol in early testing programmes.