A thread about smoothies (and juices).

I want to try some new smoothies.

My all time favourite smoothie has got to be the Naked Green Machine. With Innocent’s Bolt from the Blue a close second.

What are your favourite smoothies? What would you recommend?

And because there’s no better way of starting a new discussion than with a fun poll, are you team bits or team no bits?

Orange juice should have…
  • Bits
  • No bits
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Mmm Innocents Bolt from the Blue is ace. I also quite like Tropicanas blue smoothie, sometimes preferring it over innocent :smiling_imp:


Oooo! Thank you!

Think I’m gonna have to give that Tropicana one a try if I can get it in the Tesco here!

I’ve always preferred their orange juice to Innocent’s so will be interesting to compare.

And Happy cake day to you! :partying_face:

Not a fan of smoothies in general :scream:

Pass me a glass of red… :wine_glass:


I hadn’t realised :sweat_smile: just had my monzo cake day a couple of weeks ago :partying_face:


Innocent Tropical Defence is my favourite at present. But you can never go wrong with a Strawberry and Banana. Or a good homemade banana smoothie made from ripe bananas and a lot of Greek yoghurt!


A fellow fermented grape smoothie fan, I see.


I don’t drink the off the shelf ones, I rarely buy drinks in plastic bottles.

At home I usually make them with frozen berries, a seed powder mix, a scoop of skyr yogurt and water or maybe some oat or soy milk. The goal is reallly nutritional more than taste although they don’t taste half bad. I also like the exotic fruits frozen mix sold in Lidl with coconut milk or coconut yogurt.


Innocent rays & shine has got to be the best!

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Lately I’ve been enjoying Mockingbird’s Raw Defence smoothie. I first tried it when it was new and have continued to like it since.

I’m also a fan of Innocent Bolt from the Blue. My dad saw me drinking it not long ago and was appalled. I said he should try it, but he wasn’t keen. More for me!

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My local co-op surprising sell this brand. Wasn’t expecting to be able to find it given the retailers listed on the website.

Alas they only have Raw Boost and Raw Greens.

Might give the Raw Greens one a try next time, but today I’ve opted for the Innocent Tropical Defence @MalaiseForever suggested. Seems to be pretty similar to the Mockingbird in terms of ingredients so might be a good indicator as to whether I’d enjoy the mockingbird raw defence.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

Only ones that don’t seem to exist in either Tesco or co-op here are Tropicana. Wonder why.

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I love a smoothie, don’t really have them other than with a Tesco meal deal though.

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Meal deals were my gateway into smoothies.

Probably never would try half of them if it wasn’t for that.

With the exception of The Green machine. Saw iJustine drinking it in a vlog, then saw it in a Starbucks not long after. So I was influenced. Been hooked ever since though. Though I think you can get that with Tesco meal deals now too.


Haha, iJustine does love a green juice!


You can indeed, that’s when I tried it. My favourite is probably Bolt From Blue which seems a popular choice.


Naked Green Machine is a top tier sandwich deal smoothie for sure.

Homemade I use frozen del monte fruit, protein powder and protein yoghurt :muscle: *

*Eating all the protein has not infact made me hench. Apparently exercise is also needed :roll_eyes:


Nice, my old job was at innocent and I worked on the launch of this. Wish it was first on your list though.


Ooo, exciting!

Any interesting smoothie industry insider tidbits you’d be allowed to share? :eyes:

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Not sure what’s exciting these days or not but;

  • My fave drink I project managed was an Ginger Shot that isn’t sold in the UK :cry:
  • The Blue drink was literally the best seller by a country mile in that year - and I met Duncan from Blue.
  • If you’re buying OJ in the supermarket, it’s probably come on this real big ship at some point (holds something like 10,000,000 L of OJ)
  • Before I left, I think they had something like 16 different flavours of Juice blends available - possibly more.
  • The innocent apple juice is a super secret recipe and has a master apple juicer tasting each batch much like a whisky maker to get the best taste



Ooh fascinating!

I do love the Innocent Apple Juice. Well done to the master taster for managing to keep it consistent for years.

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