Sunny Side Up: Brunch Workshop Minutes

(Naji Esiri) #1

Hi all!

Here are the notes on the ideas and plans presented at the Sunny Side Up Brunch Workshop we hosted on Saturday, and the feedback the attendees gave us on them.

Please feel free to add comments and feedback on the topics in this thread! We listen to and consider every point raised when planning for the future. I’ve linked other threads which might be relevant to continue more specific discussions too. Myself @simonb @luba @bethtoms will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Naji on community activity across the UK

I spoke about our plans to coordinate a diverse programme of events and community activity across the UK. In the coming months we’d like to trial a City Reps programme in three major UK cities. These community members will be our eyes and ears on the ground in their home cities and we’ll be working with them to organise unique and memorable community experiences. These are the three main areas I imagine they could work with us on.

1.Suggesting people and organisations doing great things, who Monzo could collaborate with for events, workshops, panel discussions etc.
2.Becoming the first point of in-person contact for community members in that city, sharing community feedback with us and helping us turn this into actionable improvements.
3.Selecting amazing independent merchants or vendors who we could partner with to offer some sort of promotion for Monzo card holders.

We’d love to organise a huge community event over summer off the back of our collaboration with the City Reps connecting simultaneous events via live stream.

  • Before we start penciling in lots of events, it’s important to take a step back to really understand what the community in that city would like to see. This is especially true when looking to connect with new users or Monzo customers who don’t yet feel like they are part of the wider community. We need to empower City Reps reach out for this feedback in the right places and help us turn this into next steps.

  • Promotions with merchants would be popular however small, they’re a good incentive to keep people using the card for daily. University shops and cafes could be a good place to target with this too.

  • Any sort of promotion that is offered needs to be super simple to redeem (or automated)

  • Events centred around a live stream or screening need to be sandwiched with some time to chat and catch up with the team and other community members. This is one of the biggest appeals of a Monzo knees up!

Beth on hiring school leavers

Beth is currently trying to work out how we can reach and connect with super talented young people who are:

1.Just leaving school and aren’t sure what they would like to do as a career
2.Seeking alternative routes to personal and academic development
3.People who have just left university or are unsure of how they would like to apply their academic and vocational experience when they leave.

  • We should promote and raise awareness of opportunities for school leavers to our community network of parents and individuals working with young people.

  • A panel discussion of industry leaders sharing and comparing industry experience with Monzo staff could be an interesting format for a school/college leavers presentation.

  • It would be good to partner up with schools and colleges which have a WP (widening participation) programme, to reach a more diverse pool of students.

  • As a bank with an aim to grow to a million users, we have an important role to play in supporting initiatives which help combat financial illiteracy.

Luba on overdrafts

Following up from her discussion thread on overdrafts, Luba shared an update on overdraft testing. She confirmed a few points about the overdraft we plan to offer: there will be a fee-free buffer of £20, there will be no additional charges for exceeding the overdraft limit, nor will we charge for bouncing your payments.

The lending team are still figuring out what our customers perceive to be a fair price and have come up with three possible pricing strategies, which we presented for feedback. We have not made the decision yet and we’ll be doing more user testing to make a final decision.

  • Fee per day seems transparent and easy to understand, but doesn’t take into account how much you are borrowing, so it wouldn’t be good for people who only use a small amount of the overdraft.

  • Although often people would rather pay for what they have borrowed, suggested interest seemed too high. This something for Monzo team to think about.

  • We had an interesting discussion on whether Monzo should be offering free student overdrafts. Although it is a great incentive to join a bank, free overdrafts do not help to build good financial habits and a lot of people have trouble repaying after graduation. Students are Monzo focus demographic, so we will be exploring what incentives we can offer.

Luba also introduced a new lending product we hope to trial on a small scale in coming months. ‘Spread the Cost with Monzo’ will enable budget savvy Monzo users to spread the cost of high value items over a set number of months and fixed repayments.

Simon B On building online communities

  • Cross channel content - it might be good to reinterpret blog posts as video content for our Youtube channel, exploring topics in more depth or from an alternative angle.

  • We should explore partnerships with lifestyle Youtubers and approach tech vloggers for reviews. Positive word of mouth through anecdotal use beats press coverage any day!

  • Is there room for collaboration on a themed week of video content created in collaboration with other Youtube channels?

  • We can be doing a lot more with our livestream- more periscope style Q+A’s and team discussions with an interactive element.

Pre-Approved Credit (Loan)
Come to Monzo HQ to talk about Overdrafts 😄
TfL Season Ticket Loans
What We Know About the Overdrafts / FAQ :moneybag: (open Wiki)
Monzo Job Posts :loudspeaker:
Come to Monzo HQ to talk about Overdrafts 😄
(Rika) #2

Posting some video content inspiration as promised during @simonb’s section .

I think CGP Grey does an excellent job of explanation and educational videos.

Tom Scott makes some incredible and engaging short science content.

Nat and Friends produce great videos from inside Google.

Riot Games have various things on YouTube from their discussions, full on eSports productions, documentaries of players, etc. Blizzard do some of this but their content is much more dry (Sorry Jeff!).

SORTEDfood did a series called #CelebrateWithSORTED to advertise Android Pay, I think that was a great mix of advertising and content.

Twitch has a fantastic talk show section (highly dependent on time of day though). Many popular Twitch streamers in general have really mastered the art of taking questions and talking to the chat running beside their streams.

On the podcasting side, Android Backstage is a refreshingly transparent look inside some of Android’s features, even if their website is in serious need of styling. :sweat_smile:

Thoroughly Considered is a podcast from the people behind Studio Neat. It’s another nicely transparent discussion about what it takes to build their products. (While you’re there, the network in general is really good.)

Periscope streams are good for quick and dirty streams outside but you can do so much better streaming to somewhere like YouTube with some proper equipment. Not only is there better archival and accessibility but it’s significantly easier to get good audio and non-shaky video in to YouTube than Periscope. Just remember that YouTube Live chat and Twitter exists for getting real-time questions and feedback!

For @Matt’s benefit, SKAARHOJ make those open video equiptment controllers I was talking about before this event started.

Making public some feedback I gave to @Naji, the brunch needs to be more on the lunch side with some more substantial food for the hours it was (food was otherwise great). I left home at 08:30 for a 10:00 start, we didn’t leave until nearly 15:00. I needed to stop on my walk back to the station for some proper lunch or I likely wouldn’t have made it home. :slight_frown:

Would like to be able to talk to the hosts a little more privately after their presentations, specifically we had a little update on debit card progress that I wanted to expand a little on but didn’t fit the Q&A format and by that point we were already running behind.

The Catchbox is great and will be especially useful if you decide to live stream these kinds of events. That thing really works to seemingly entirely eliminate the unwanted noise usually associated with passing a microphone around.

Next time (and this is a comment I’ve made about the open office events too), dedicate a computer without sensitive data on it to running the projection and either set it up to never sleep or use an application such as KeepingYouAwake. Far too much time was wasted waiting for HDMI handshaking and negotiation between the Macs and projectors. I usually additionally put the display out of a computer through a video mixer and then use an auxiliary out or an M/E bus from the vision mixer to drive the projector. That way you can mix the output of the display in to a live stream easily as well as fade between slides, closeup cameras, and demo systems.

(Holly Middleditch) #3

Hi @Bethtoms

I work for a charity called London Youth - we work with 300 community youth organisations which help young people develop their skills,confidence and resilience.

Over 60% of the organisations in our network are located in the most economically deprived communities in the country and many lack opportunities to explore their career options.

We would be really interested in talking to you about your initiatives to engage with young people to find out more about your industry and develop financial literacy.




you can always bring your own packed lunch, there is also then not all the hassle for Monzo with one wanting veggie, another vegan, another Kosher, another Halal, another macrobiotic, etc etc…

(Rika) #5

That is very true, I would be fine with it if that was the expectation set for the event.

The issue with this event is that we effectively skipped the break as the day was running far behind schedule, then the entire event overran by more than an hour (plus me staying around until the bitter end because of course :upside_down:). That in itself is fine, however that amount of time it ran over those hours really needs a lunch thought about and scheduled in, be it provided by Monzo, a walk around local shops, or a bring your own.

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skipping a break is not good! they should know by now nothing ever keeps to schedule and we always have questions, take away curry or chinese next time perhaps :wink:

The lunch really does need serious thought as those with diabetes or a hiatius hernia etc can get really ill if they don’t eat at regular times

(Tom ) #7

It would be cool if live video content allowed for a couple of questions to be asked by viewers. That would allow people who aren’t able to attend events feel much more involved.

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(Beth) #8

Hi Holly :grinning:

Thanks for reaching out.

I’d love to speak with you, thank you! The work you’re doing sounds brilliant.

My email is - let’s set up a call!


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