Summary unusable when splitting rent with flatmate


I have the following issue:

  • Every month I pay the full rent for both my flatmate and me via direct debit
  • My flatmate then reimburses me with a Monzo to Monzo transfer half the amount
  • The rent direct debit is part of my “committed spending” (summary screen)
  • The reimbursement gets counted as an income in the “spending” section (summary screen)
  • I have no way of excluding the reimbursement

SO…half the rent gets added to my “budget” for the period which render the summary circle completely inaccurate as it stays green/full for the whole period :man_shrugging:t2:

Any ideas, solutions to this?



Not that I’m aware of. I’ve stopped using budgets meaningfully because they’re too easy to break. Hopefully Monzo will get around to sorting it but I’ve been waiting quite a while already and I’ve not spotted anything in sneak peaks :neutral_face:


If this were me, I’d consider a joint account.

I have this similar scenario but my circle works fine? At the beginning of the month I get paid, so it fills up, then I pay my ‘rent’ (different but effectively for this scenario the same), which is already excluded from the money I’ll have, so for a day or so it says I’ll run out of money, then I get the half of the ‘rent’ from my girlfriend that puts me back up to the normal money I’ll have for the month. Surely if it says the rent will come out of committed spending then it removing that amount from what you have in your account works fine?

Be aware that should you consider this you will have a financial connection with your flatmate that will effect your credit rating. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this but each to their own :slight_smile:


Is this not a given when sharing an address anyway?

I’m no expert but it is my understanding that this isn’t true. So I Googled it and found the below on the Experian website:



No. This is a myth. There is no financial link with just living with someone.


Good to know!

I think the problem comes from setting an overall budget. When you do it will only take into account expenses from the spending section for that overall budget and not balanced it out with committed spending. This means it’ll discount the rent reimbursement from other expenses as if I had spent that much less.

If I disable the overall budget, it becomes a cash flow predictor which seems to work right now… although for some reason I couldn’t trust it either at the beginning of this month :thinking: can’t remember what was the problem now.

Ah right that makes sense, since I don’t set any budgets and just use it to tell me how much money I actually have left (after committed spending).

I’m in completely the same boat as you, including all rent and utilities.
My prediction after payday is always ultimately, incorrect, because the Commited Spending is unable to take to into consideration that with some of bills, I will only pay HALF of that amount, being split with my flat mate and receiving his share as it goes out of my account.
I don’t want a joint account with him, so I’m left just knowing my ring is incorrect and I will actually be owed money back from these commitments.

It’s really irritating.

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