Ignoring Reimbursed Transactions (and partially reimbursed ones)

(Tom McQueen) #1

I wonder if it would be possible to have a better system for situations like the following, where you are either fully or partially reimbursed for a transaction and can “null” that with respect to your monthly spending and budgets.

In the simplest case this would be a friend forgetting a wallet, me saying “oh i’ll get it” and paying for them, and then getting it transferred back to me at a later/more convenient time. Whilst I know I can choose to “exclude from summary” for the outgoing transaction, this option doesn’t seem to exist for the incoming transfer, so seems to skew the totals somewhat.

Then in the more complex and ideal case, my housemate and I do a “big shop” for food once a week, and split the bill after one of us pays for the lot, and we transfer the relevant amount to the other. Easy enough for me to categorise an outgoing to them as “groceries” but again not so easy if I do the transaction, and then they transfer me back some amount (which may not necessarily be exactly half). Perhaps an ability to pair an incoming bank transfer to one or more transactions and essentially say “ignore this amount of these transactions entirely”.

Thoughts? Hopefully this doesn’t already exist and I’m just not realising the potential of something.

In other news… Monzo is great <3