Summary page 'Amount left per day'


I use the summary page quite regularly, and I really like the fact that I can see at a glance how much money I have left and how many more days I need to make that money last. However, once I have that information I then need up fire up a calculator to work out how much I have left per day. Having this info displayed on the same page somewhere would be very useful.


I agree, it would definately be handy to have

For me its not worth it, my payday changes to every last friday so its always wrong. I’d prefer just how much is left and thats it, none of this green for good, amber and red etc

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Ooooh, I love the colour coding, green means spend, yellow is ‘maybe think twice’ and red is ‘will someone die if you don’t spend this money’. I find it super helpful. But, they’ve fixed my payday (last working day of the month) and the month we used it before the change was made was annoying.

I just joined the forum to ask for just this! It would be incredibly handy to have. I think a lot of folks use this to manage their spending throughout the month.

As a side note, it would be interesting to know more about exactly how the green/amber/red summary is calculated – it seems to be pretty accurate for me, after a few months of using the app. Every time it goes into the orange I think ‘but I don’t spend that much per day!’ but of course, I do…