Feature Request - Ability to view next month's summary - Create budget in advance

Feature Request

Ability to view next month’s summary, this would help with with budgeting next month without having to wait till the month starts.

This would mainly include a list of scheduled payments, as well as the ability to create a budget in advance.


This is a great idea, at the moment I can roughly estimate my scheduled spend in summary but it might be a tad confusing with all the other transaction spend.
Would love to see pot rules integrated with this feature eg if 10% is moved to a savings pot upon incoming salary, I’d like to see it in this future summary.


love this idea, I could see it being particularly useful planning ahead for months where you have larger than usual scheduled payments. Apple Music and Amazon Prime annual subscriptions etc.

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I agree, this would be really useful and definitely something I’d like as well. As I’m paid at the end of this week and I know I’ve got some one-off outgoings next month I’d like to be able to start planning my budget for next month now so I know what I can afford.

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Great idea. Would be useful if it had the option to include any money you’re expected to save in the current month as extra income in the future budget.


I was just thinking this as it’s coming up to pay day! Would be great to be able to plan for next month or at least have some sort of overview!

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I would find it useful to be able to view and make changes to next month’s budget in Summary.

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