Budgeting for 3rd party (Amex) spending

Hey, thanks for running this forum and taking on our feedback.

I use Monzo to view my Amex spending, and I run my family’s finances through them to get the cashback.

I’ve avoided the IFTTT hack because I don’t want them to have access to my financial data but this feature request would apply to that setup too.

By paying off my monthly spend on my credit card each month in one sum I lose the purchase data and budgeting that Monzo gives me on my current account.

I’m in charge of my family’s finances and am keen to have proper budgeting so we can live our life the way we want to, guilt free and making appropriate levels of savings.

Would it be possible to have my budgeting extend across to a 3rd party credit card?

I’m sure it will happen one day. I don’t know when one day is, but my guess would be around 12 months.

In the mean time, there are aggregators which will do that for you, but they will get your financial data.

Or you could do it yourself in a spreadsheet.

Agree I can do all that but this is more feedback that this was functionality I was expecting to still have.

I upgraded to a paid tier and lost budgeting. I wasn’t expecting that.

I’m sure its in the roadmap somewhere but I didnt see it in the making Monzo section so I’m hoping for someone to come back and say they’re working on it.

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:wave: We’re working on improving connected accounts budgeting at the moment for Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium:


Great stuff thanks Adam! Wondered why I hadn’t spotted this anywhere.