Summary - Feedback thread


Again I completely agree.

Also think that people who are not actively following Monzo here or on social media could be even more confused. App help section is just too haphazard on Summary explanation, it could do with some screenshots and having all the questions in one place.
On Android searching Target doesn’t bring anything. Again my wife who does not follow Monzo on social media and community wasn’t even aware of Targets. They are just too out of sight.
Building features is great but convincing people to use them is half the job imo. Monzo need to somehow make users aware of the features and how they can actually use them.


Is a salary meant to be classified separately in the income section or dumped under “Transfers”?

(Tony Hoyle) #342

The summary looks a lot more useful than it is, and I’m surprised it’s out of beta with the holes in it.

What gets picked up for regular payments is a bit random. It’s missing Google Play Music, same value for years, not picked up… Plex, same story. Bulb… which could vary but mostly doesn’t and is still committed spending. But NHS, Nation Trust, Water board, council… all get counted. I can’t see the difference here unless they’re working on a fixed database of companies or something .

It makes the whole thing unreliable.

(Jai Sullivan) #343

You’ll soon be able to select/toggle your committed spending/regular payments yourself.

(Phil Gyford) #344

It still seems weird to have a POTS section, with a line for creating a pot, in the Summary section when I haven’t used any Pots this month. That section’s not really summarising much.

(Michael Jenkins) #345

I think Summary has really good intentions and I like the iterative approach to find the best solution. My feedback at this point:

  • Provide the options to use ‘Breakdown’ or ‘Summary’. There is something intrinsically intuitive about Breakdown by category of your spending over a calendar month.
    (note: this was always hamstrung on Android as the category cards were so large you had to scroll to see all the spending in one month, and lost the ability to see all categories at a glance)

  • ‘Summary’ integration with targets/Budgets is too anal. I’m sure some people want to set a target/budget for the amount on groceries to the nearest £5, and want notifications when they are spending too fast on groceries. This is not for me. Setting a budget or target does something to the psyche, where it occupies too much headspace. (‘Don’t go over budget for the month’, ‘slow down spending’, ‘Is my target set at the right value?’ ‘check your spending on x/y/z is on target’)

  • I feel I am missing out on insight into how I am spending compared to my normal spending patterns. (because I do not use Budgets/Targets, for the reason above)

Back in the day there was a ‘comparison to average’. This showed a ‘passive’ indication each day if you were spending more or less than normal.

If this were reintroduced per spending category, it would require no decisions by the user like Targets/Budget does, but would provide a ‘nudge’ to users who are spending more or less than they usually are.

e.g. you have spent on average £200 pcm on groceries in the last 6 months. (£6.66 per day). Each day if you don’t spend anything on groceries, your comparison to average would decrease by £6.66. Say at the end of the week, you spend £40, then your comparison to average would go from -£50.00 to -£10.00. Neat!

‘Comparison to average’ provides subtle indication on your spending, with no user decisions required to set a budget which requires managing. Comparison to average need to be revisited.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #346

Important function this Summary. Not surprising it’s getting the same forum attention as Starling’s home screen.

(Jai Sullivan) #347


(JoeO) #348

Definitely - I still miss this feature. For me it was the easiest way for me to keep track and control my spending.

(Adam Robertson) #349

I’m going to put myself in the pot of ‘I really like Summary better than Targets’. The circle is really handy for me to see how I’m doing in comparison with how many days are left…so please, don’t get rid of it!

There are definitely issues with it (custom start date, how it handles people paying you back for things, and mysterious subscriptions), but I’m hoping they can be fixed soon as I really find Summary so useful for my day to day spending.

The next step would be taking Amex/credit card payments into account (not sure how, maybe an API link?), but let’s focus on the bugs that are there already first.

(Jonathon) #350

Slight problem I just noticed today. I am fine with a monthly summary, but surely the summary needs to take me up to midnight of the final day?

If I’m paid on the 26th then sure my budget runs to the 25th and then I’m repaid. Today is the 25th but it’s started the month from today not tomorrow. So it’s not set up right even for monthly payments.

(Joe) #351

You must have gotten paid on the 25th last month and set it off that payment? It says 25th-24th not 26th-25th which it would say if you got paid 26th.

If you wait till tomorrow you’ll be able to reset it off that payment and all will be good.

(MikeF) #352

That’s what I see because payday (26th) was a weekend last month so I was paid on 25th. When the summary is updated to take account of these types of month-by-month adjustements I’d expect this oddity to go away.

(Jonathon) #353




Latest Android Beta includes option to disable regular payment predicting and also allows to set frequency manually.

Summary Update: Predicting Committed Spending

The latest iOS version has made Summary more useful, as I can now set the overall budget. Hopefully it’ll tell me how much I’m under budget in the end of month report, bonus points if it’ll also allow me to instantly move the remainder to my Coin Jar.

Now all we need is the ability to toggle predictive payments and ability to recognise any income with “SALARY” in the reference as, you know, salary :stuck_out_tongue:

When those two things are implemented on iOS I’ll be perfectly content with Summary :relieved:

(Tony Hoyle) #356

I just got the latest version and don’t see this?

I want to add Bulb (important as it’s a large amount that comes out near the end of the month) and Plex, but can’t see a button to do it.

(Dan) #357

Its only on Android at the moment and only on the Beta version :slight_smile:

(Tony Hoyle) #358

I’m on the Android beta 2.3.0

Must be one of those things they’re rolling out in stages.

(Kim W) #359

I noticed that since the “make the switch” promos were added to the app, when I try to change my start date in summary it no longer shows a list of payments to choose from, instead it gives me the option to move my salary to Monzo (which I already did manually about 6 months ago).

Is this just because I haven’t been paid in over 1 calendar month, or is it because Monzo doesn’t recognise that it’s my main account because I switched so long ago?