Summary defaults to a month long ago

It’s been driving me nuts for months now, when I go to the summary of either my personal account or joint account it defaults to July last year or something not the current month. I’m not certain if it’s always July, or if it’s random months from ages ago, but it’s never the current month. I have to update it every single time.

I’ve reinstalled the app and things since this bug started happening so I don’t think it just needs a refresh or cache cleared.

In an addition, I’ve attached a screenshot of the default summary month that comes up often (not sure if it’s always this one or sometimes others), and this is I think the last month I switched the start day of the month, I used to have a different schedule and changed it to the first, so maybe it’s defaulting to when the month start date was changed, even though that’s old. Though it’s only my personal account I switched start dates, and my joint account also shows July as summery default and not current month.

OS: 13.4.1
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 3.32.0 (p.s. should really make the app version copyable in the app, would really help!)