Monthly Summary Start Date Issue


Back in November I changed my Statement Start date to 26th of each month which is my PayDay, and set the option of this if it falls on a Weekend/Bank Holiday to start the previous working day.

Now come december my Statement quite rightlightly changed to 24th of December, now come January my Statement date has stayed at 24th and my app is reporting this as my actul current statement date.
So today I’ve had my monthly report through and this is from 24th Dec to 24th January when it really should be the 25th of January as 26th falls on Saturday this month.

Has anyone else seen this of there monthly statement date changing and getting stuck when it has fallen on a Bank Hol or a weekend?

I would expect it to stay on the 26th of each month, but mine is currently now set to 24th when I have not changed this myself.

Is this possibly a bug?


If your usual paydate is 26th, which this month is a Saturday and so you will be getting paid on 25th, then the summary end date would be the 24th. So this sounds correct? The 24th would be the last day of current summary period and it should have reset today.

For example, next month, you will be paid on Tuesday 26th feb, so your summary date should now show as Jan 25th - Feb 25th.
The end date on summary should always be the day before you are paid.

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Ok thanks I can see how this is working now, sorry for raising a false alarm here.

Was just looking a little wrong and confusing

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no problem at all! :blush: that’s what the forum is for :slightly_smiling_face:

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