Custom start dates in the summary period is broken

When I change the account summaries to use a custom summary date, the months before the current date end up with the wrong date ranges.

How to reproduce:

  • Go to summary page for account by clicking on pie chart in top right corner on iOS app
  • select previous month and click “change” to change the start date of the summary period

Expected behaviour:

  • The summaries will now show a summary for the period between the start time in one month and the start time in the next month for all months in the summary

Actual behaviour:

  • the summary for the month you’ve changed the date for shows the correct summary
  • the summary for the month before is from the 1st to the start date you picked

What’s worse: when you try to change it back, you end up with a summary from your end date to the first, so once you realise it’s broken, you can’t correct it again

Device: iPhone 12
App Version: 5.0.0 #862