Summary Category Totals

Would it be possible in the Period Summary page to show totals for each category.

Currently I do work for Just Eat on the side of my main job, I get paid weekly, but I also have to pay for insurance, fuel etc.
I have a category for “Food Delivery” which I put all fuel and insurance expenses, plus any payments I earn.

However because the earnings comes under INCOME and the fuel and insurance comes under SPENDING, there no easy way to see how much profit/loss I made in that category that period. I just see my “Food Delivery” category in SPENDING which lists all the fuel and insurance payments, but under INCOME, you have to tap transfers, which just shows everything from my main job, money friends and family have sent me, alongside the money I’ve made from delivering food.

I suspect that, with the launch of Plus, Monzo might decide not to develop for processes like this.

What you are requesting is something which would be easily achievable (even by me) in Google Sheets.

Thats exactly what I’m currently doing, but it would be nice for it to be in the app, that’s what the whole Summary is for, is it not?

Yes, I’m not disagreeing.

I just wonder whether Monzo would think it worthwhile to develop this themselves, if they could persuade people to stump up £5 pm for he Sheets integration.

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