Suggestion: replace the 24hr turnaround with a same-day cut-off time

Whenever I want to increase my transfer limit, it’s really hit and miss. Sometimes it’s within the hour, other times it takes days.

Today i requested an increase at 1pm, I was told it would be passed to the “payments team”.

5pm: the payments team messages me to say they need to pass it to a “specialist team”

(Not sure why a request like this needs to go through three different people)

Now it won’t be done until tomorrow, but still within the 24 hour limit (hopefully). A next day turnaround is not ideal.

How about a cut off time (similar to the CHAPs cut offs at other banks) of, say 2/3/4pm. If you message before that, we will increase your limit the same day, otherwise it will be done the next working day. That would take a lot of the guesswork and erratic responses out of the system.

I do admire your persistence keep doing this!


I’m too stubborn