Search for company logo in-app

When I want to suggest a company name/address update, the app has a built in Google search function to autofill and suggest.

Why not link the logo-correction tab to twitter’s search function?

The way I find logos at the moment is: type the company name into Twitter, copy the Twitter handle and paste it into the app. Imagine if we could do all three within the app.


The logo correction only prompts for a twitter handle, but I believe you can put any source in there (facebook profile link, website, etc.), at least, we could while Rachel was working on these.

The page needs an update more generally though :slight_smile:


Nothing winds me up more than a transaction without a logo

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Someone posted an Australian (?) fintech app that gave suggestions which seemed cool. Can’t remember what it was called though. :expressionless:

Was it UP?

I think so. Still can’t find the screenshot though :pensive:

Correct :slight_smile: i have done that. I get about 90% of logos from Twitter, but there’s the odd company that only uses Instagram/FB.

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