✅ [iOS] Duplicate Recurring Payment

Issue: Duplicate Recurring Payment

The app has been really laggy since the last TestFlight (Monzo logo appearing upon every launch). So I downgraded back to the App Store version. I’ve tried marking the Yorkshire Water payment as recurring and it seems to have multiplied over 100 times.

Details to reproduce: Mark a card payment as recurring
OS: iOS 12.1
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: Latest App Store




Is this one for you @Jami? Our summary is pretty useless at the moment.


I’ve reached out to chat and after 3 days just had the ‘have you reinstalled’ suggestion so far.

Jheez, mine has duplicated Spotify three times but this is ridiculous :joy:

I know! :see_no_evil:

Hey there, this got escalated via support and an engineer is looking at this at the moment. We hope to work out what’s going on asap. Thanks for your patience!


I’ve got a duplicate transfer rather than payment. I sent from sole to joint. There is two sole transfers but only one joint credit :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: this one is completely human error :man_facepalming:t2: The first debit was earlier in the day. :laughing: