Street musicians

(Aaron) #1

In order to support street musicians it could be a good idea to create a profile for each of them. This way they could have an account and they could receive money through Monzo transfer. Many times we see musicians on the street and we would like to give them some change but we don’t have it at the moment. Because of that it would be a good idea for them to have a profile in Monzo and using their nickname we could find them and send them some money from the smartphone.

(Dan) #2

Any Monzo user can do this using a account (like this)

However what would be REALLY cool is if Monzo could do banking for homeless people. Currently banks require individuals to have a UK address but I’m sure Monzo is innovative enough to come up with a solution, thereby challenging individuals who are ‘cashless’ to give to homeless people.

Also this might be of interest to you…

(Gordon Dack) #3

If they had an account with Monzo you could pay them via ‘Nearby friends’ option.


I don’t think this is strictly true - at least one bank I know allows no fixed abode as the address entry and all paperwork and card etc will be dispatched to the account owning branch instead.

(Kenneth Cajigas) #5

Yeah it would be a really cool way to get Monzo’s name out there, I can image a sign saying ‘Pay me through’ or ‘Pay me on Monzo Nearby’ :grinning:

(Dan) #6

Granted I haven’t fact checked my statement, however I’m 99.99999999999999% sure Monzo requires a UK address to set up an account with them.


I think you’re right on that one, Monzo have turned down a few people on the community from other countries asking if they can have accounts.


They’re not getting a penny from me until they stop playing country music :rage:

If they did that and had or pay nearby enabled then I would probably use it

(Eve) #9

Anecdotally I’ve never heard a single one play country music. I’ve heard a lot of “Wonderwall” though. Then again, I live in Manchester…


I’ll give them twice as much to play their country music louder!