MonzoHome (WIP name) - Helping Homeless Survive

Heya, been thinking about how to help homeless this winter. Does Monzo have an easy way to setup accounts for homeless people that will probably have a phone, but no fixed address or job? (A bit like the HSBC advert/scheme if you’ve seen it)

I’m thinking we could carry round a QR code, help them get set up in a few mins, then add them as a contact so can easily give a little to help

In future, that’s where a communal pot would be cool - anyone can pay in, and everyone (or certain people in need) can take like £20 a day out (enough for hostel and food). (MonzoCommunalPot or something - see Twitter)

I understand you are all busy (and doing incredible things), but if there’s any part of this that’s possible now or soon that would be amazing!

I don’t think I need to emphasise, but as days get colder it could literally save lives (in London, hostel for 1 night for 1 person tends to be £13, and just that is critical whilst they on waiting list for housing/support)

Constructive thoughts more than welcome



Cool idea, though this market is already quite saturated, no? Also, given that in these sort of causes, it’s typically the case worker that helps them go into branch and setup I’d be curious to understand how in the context of an ‘app only’ bank how exactly this would work.

I also doubt this would end up down the communal pot route, mainly because it tends to be (from my knowledge) done on a case by case basis.

Happy for someone who knows about this to correct me though.

PS - Monzohome didn’t end up being what I though it would be, sounds more like Google Home/Smart devices tbh.

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This poses so much risk unless said person has relevant ID and fixed abode (which likely isn’t possible given the circumstances). Doubt something monzo would fancy, given their previous risk antics and FCA all over it.

Giving the person the details of the £13 a night hostel and paying for their stay in advance, would probably be a much easier route.


Monzo did ‘pay it forward’ for Big Issue sellers a long while ago.

Perhaps something like this would be better suited?

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Thanks for the responses all!

As far as saturation - in my opinion, if there are still homeless people (I’m in London, UK, in case not clear) then it is not saturated enough! :slightly_smiling_face: There are a wide range of charities that operate in London and across the UK - so perhaps the charity donation already available within Monzo will suffice? The problem there though is when Homeless people are in a waiting list for help - it can take weeks or months to receive assistance (housing, temporary accommodation), and in those cases every day is a struggle for survival.

I might have to elaborate on the different types of homelessness a little:

a) temporary/forced - someone loses a job/partner/house and is forced onto the streets short term. This person wants to get back to normal life/work/house asap

b) the vagabond/drifter - this person enjoys the freedom that not having a fixed address/job provides, and lives day-to-day and is comfortable with that

c) the “full timer” - has no intention of getting back into housing/work, and sees begging for money as their full time / long term job

d) something else (leaving myself some wiggle room)

with these scenarios, a) needs help and is what this is intended for, b) is fine and doesn’t need our help, and c) actively drains resources and gives homeless people in real need (a) a bad reputation.

Basically, it’s not a simple thing to solve :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the link to the big issues thing - any idea if that is still running?

And yeah working title is MonzoHome because every deserves a home :slightly_smiling_face: (and that can mean different things to different people - not just housing)

For ref I’ve been a (very briefly) and b in my life, and have had lots of interactions with all three categories

Edit: and agreed on the risk side - sounds tricky but not at all my area of expertise!

Monzo said they wanted to do something 4 years ago, I guess they never did…

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