The Big Issue teams up with Monzo to make its magazine 'resellable'

This looks like an interesting initiative - Monzo is helping the
unbanked homeless with the Big Issue:

(This better not be an April fools)


Fantastic :+1:

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Heard rumours of this a while ago, great idea. Really like ideas like this that reinvent something for the better.


This is amazing, I usually leave the magazine with the seller so they have the option to re-sell it as I know intend to only want a quick glance, however this is just great! Hopefully it’ll mean I have something to read quickly whilst also being able to pass on the magazine and any further potential earnings.

Another example of how I though the banking without barriers campaign was a bit of “show” but this just goes to show how hey are practically implementing this idea. Great on everyone at monzo!


I love this - I can’t believe I am actually proud of my bank, so weird.

Question - and this shows my ignorance - how will homeless people manage their Monzo account? I assume they are going to need a phone, can you get a contract if homeless? Pay as you go?

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That’s actually pretty cool. I hope to see more vendors with contactless terminals too as I never have change on me.


Someone should be able to use a Monzo account as a normal bank account if they don’t have a smartphone (after signing up). They just wouldn’t be able to use any of the “smart” features without a smartphone.

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You can get a cheap Android 6 phone for £30 and then either use free WiFi (libraries, city centres, etc) or a cheap pay-as-you-go provider like giffgaff.


It will be interesting to see how Monzo support the process, helping people get on a phone and get connected.

Bloody good stuff here Monzo, good work.

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Pretty much all homeless people are given mobile phones by charities

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whats today’s date?

This would be in very poor taste if it’s an April Fools Day joke. I’m sure it isn’t.

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Just wanted to confirm that this is 100% real, it’s a project that’s been in the works for a while, and isn’t any kind of joke just because of the day we happened to announce it on.

That would be in incredibly poor taste given the nature of this project.


I can’t believe people actually think Monzo would pull this kind of ‘fool’ on April 1st. Of course it’s real.


Will we ever see Monzo money articles/tips in a big issue rather than online?

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