Stopped using Monzo

Just curious if anyone else has stopped using Monzo and reasons why?

For me I found that having to juggle two accounts and constantly topping up to get tiresome.

I’ll admit I suck at budgeting and that’s what I find most exciting about Monzo. I always end up close to payday where I’m worried about topping up and if it’ll leave me short in my current account to cover any surprise charges.

For now I’m just waiting for the Monzo current account. Will feel happier once all my salary and bills are in the one account.


Out of interest, why not top up larger amounts? I top up 1/4 of my planned monthly spend each week & then I only need to top up 4x a month (this also helps me compare the speed that I’m spending, from one month to the next, using the Pulse Graph - iOS only, for now). Obviously you’ll want to take this

into account but that should help?

Also, I literally only use my legacy bank’s current account for direct debits so I don’t need to juggle the two…just a thought :bulb:

I’m sort of in the same boat. I don’t top my card up as frequently as I used to, I think post-Christmas :christmas_tree: poorness might have contributed to that.

I am also eagerly awaiting the launch of the current accounts but may wait further still until the Current Account Switch integration is set up :credit_card:

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I’m only using Monzo where Amex isn’t accepted.


Lack of features and widening gap for me. Once the Android app catches up I’ll definitely reconsider, but in the meantime there’s nothing Monzo does that makes it stand out. I’m just slowly working through my balance on small transactions until it runs out.

So for now I’m sticking with my normal bank. It even shows transactions as they happen in the app under a pending tab, just not a notification.

I either top up my Monzo or Revolut for when I’m abroad though. I’m probably still a fairly active user due to this.

The quality of the card probably couldn’t last being taken everywhere anyway since I don’t use a wallet. But I know this will improve soon.


Thanks for starting this thread! My understanding is that convenience is paramount and that some of the limitations from operating on a prepaid card scheme can be frustrating and difficult to manage. I’d be really interested to hear about other reasons people have chosen to leave Monzo beyond this also, to see how we can improve :slightly_smiling_face:


FYI there was some useful discussion about Revolut vs Monzo exchange rates here -

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For me, it’s such a small percentage and is still better than going to a shop for cash, I pick whichever is nearer to me when I’m leaving the house.

Monzo has the edge if I’m going somewhere with card use similar to us for the convenience of contactless (so Sweden/Denmark for example). But I might take both to the Netherlands and Belgium since their entire card network is so different to ours and acceptance can be sketchy. Similar to Germany due to cash being popular there so needing more ATMs and I can’t easily turn on the magstripe on Android with unreliable phone signal.

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I’m with @JPiz, with the Android gap. I loved Mondo when I had my iPhone, but the Android app just isn’t as slick :frowning:.

Also, checking the two separate accounts has become a little boring - as all of the larger payments (direct debits etc) come out of my ‘legacy’ account, that is the one I prefer to check on!

I’m just holding out for the Current Account - as soon as that comes around, I’ll be on it like a shot, and over to Monzo full-time.


…and we’re woking hard on that one! Building the core banking features in preparation for launching current accounts is taking up a lot of our time and energy at the moment, but once we have these foundations in place there will be more time to work focus new features and improved functionality in the Android app and achieve a parity with iOS.


I’ll admit, I stopped using Monzo as I have an airmiles amex and I try to use that for everything.

I’ll happily move to Monzo when it becomes a full bank but until then it doesn’t really bring me any benefits versus my normal bank.

The Amex app sends me a push notification every time I use it, has Apple Pay built in and the customer service is pretty decent (not as good as Monzo but nearly).

I actually don’t use my :monzo: card as my primary, I’ll top it up here and there and use it where I can but I have my main card under my ApplePay so I just use that. I just got a card so that I could be an early adopter.

I stopped using Monzo about 2 weeks after I got the card because the Android app was just too far behind iOS. I think there needs to be more upfront information when you download the Android version telling you that features like targets are not there and wont be for maybe 6 months or so (obviously not so good from a business stand point) because we’ve seen on the forums some disappointed people already.

I did however recently switch to iOS and have started using Monzo again as I now have access to features such as targets, travel reports, expense management and so on. I do still recommend Monzo and have given out a couple golden tickets so far, even though thats mostly to android users


Very very close. It’s not progressing as fast as i’d expected / hoped. I actually encouraged most of my family to use it and i’m now the only one still using it .

Custom times frames for Targets is a big deal to me. Sharing the account with my partner is a big deal to me. Apple Pay, PayM, kids accounts, pay-at-pump, rewards etc - all the things my traditional bank offers. A webpage that my friends can use to send me money ?? :neutral_face: not so much!! For me that effort could have been directed elsewhere and has left the product feeling like a novelty, rather than a serious banking app.

I bank with Barclays at the moment, if their online finance tools are ported to their app then that would totally kill Monzo for me right now.

I love the UI and the community and I think the current account will make a big difference - but even then, joint account features or a workaround are an absolute must, otherwise i’m not seeing the full picture.

Think i just joined the party two years too early and expected too much too soon!


Obviously all of these features are things that Monzo can’t build or wouldn’t make sense to build until the current accounts are launched. But even then, it probably will be a while before they’re developed so perhaps you have joined a little bit too early for those.

On the other hand, after the current accounts are launched, you will start to see features that your traditional bank can’t deliver - integrations with TFL / loyalty scheme providers, international money transfers without the crazy fees, P2P investments (maybe) & apps from 3rd party developers etc.

So hopefully it’s worth sticking around & perhaps using both provider’s services until Monzo develops the complete feature set!



Maybe so, but I think your expectations are actually pretty fair! Some of features you mention you would liked to have seen by now, we would too! We’re serious about solving the problems which matter to our customers most.

You mention you would like to see more of the things traditional banks offer. We do have one advantage as a new bank. We’re starting from scratch. It’s a great opportunity to put traditional banking products under the microscope, to question them, and to consider how we could do them differently; smarter, simpler. This takes time and paired with operational logistics of launching current accounts, goes some way to explaining why we haven’t yet added some of these services and functionalities.

I appreciate your patience and feedback, and hope Alex’s suggestion might be worth a second thought :wink:


I’ve pretty much stopped. Not that I used it much to begin with I suppose. It’s a novelty product at the moment and that novelty wore off quite quickly.

I recently got a golden ticket, so got my wife in. Her card will come soon but I can’t see her using it as there’s simply no benefit once you’re over the novelty of getting an alert on your phone.

If HSBC had a halfway decent internet banking service (not that Monzo does but I have hope for the future) I wouldn’t be interested in Monzo at all…

Perhaps there’s something I’m missing though? Anyone care to comment on why they prefer Monzo over their ‘normal’ debit card?

it is not just a matter of alerts but transaction info appearing real time not days later, better FX rates when using card abroad, ability to freeze and unfreeze card if mislaid…

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As soon as they direct payments to the card then I’ll certainly use it a lot more. Well the concept was great at the beginning, I have to say that Monzo haven’t moved fast enough to really innovate this space and it seems to me that Tide have swopped in with all the things from Day 1 that Monzo should have had.

Tide and Monzo are different cases. Tide is for business use with invoicing and vat functionality, Monzo is specifically not for business use and intended for personal usage.