Stop using dates for triggers or automation

I’ve come across many posts that basically boil down to the shortcomings of using a date to trigger an action or even reporting.

The app needs to be more dynamic and intelligent and allow other user specified triggers and not a fixed date.

Be great to use a day, payee, recipient, transaction amount or detail (and enhance this with the use of <> and even *).

Eg, my salary is paid on the penultimate working day of the month and amount varies each month. So a lot of the monthly summary and spending reports can be inaccurate. If only I could peg my salary as being identified by the company paying it or even an amount over a certain value (as this is the highest deposit each month).

The more I look at some of the suggestions others are making, it’s becoming quite obvious, to me anyway, that trying to do lots of things using a date just doesnt work. They are too inflexible and restrictive.

Please provide alternatives than just specifying a date or a day. Let us mark specific transactions using more intelligence which would allow for better automation, reporting, sorting and filtering.

Modern banking relies on time. Past transactions, transactions now and future transactions are all based on the ‘exact’ trigger of time - an action has to occur at a specific time to process correctly.
Without this reference, it all goes Pete Tong. Time is the direct and core trigger reference.

For other non-core actions and reports related to direct banking there are external services (such as IFTTT) which with Monzo’s allowed development & connections allow clever triggers which are not time-triggered. But the app (by iitself) is basically, for now, time-triggered only.

Until Time-slider™ is developed and we’re back in time :mantelpiece_clock:

I just don’t understand why we can’t use things like:

When a payment from MyEmployer, or with ThisReference, or of ThisAmount hits my bank, do this…

Things don’t always happen on a fixed date which basically kills any thing you want to automate.

I suppose none of this would be an issue if things in the finance world happened 247/365 rather than stop at weekends!


Still feel this is relevant.

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You can do all of this now with Monzo Plus :sunglasses:

Monzo putting all of the sensible features onto Plus isn’t going to make me want to pay them, it’s going to make me want to leave

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Bye! Thanks for stopping by.

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Where are you going to leave to? What FSCS registered bank has these features for free?

I have plus, how do I do these things? :hushed:

I assume we’re still taking about transaction rather than date based events?

Can you actually do this with Plus?

What I see is the OP want’s IFTTT style triggers within the app but in more depth than currently provided by IFTTT.

Yes, you can export data with Plus but that doesn’t allow better automation within the app.


With the Google sheets integration. It allows you to now setup IFTTT triggers for pretty much anything. People on here are doing all sorts of fancy things with it :muscle:

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Sensible? You mean advanced features? Makes sense to charge for these :+1:

Yep it requires a bit of set up - but if you can find any bit of unique information from your transaction feed, you can effectively turn it into a trigger.

If MyEmployer sends me money, then…
If my balance falls below £100 then…
If it’s Tuesday AND I spend at Local Bakery…
If my balance is less than 30% of my total account balance
If I make a transfer to my Joint account
If it’s after 4am and in the last week I spent < £100 in the eBay category.

So many things.

And triggers for now can only still move money around your pots, but you can make that a bit more dynamic now.

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Ah, I was hoping for something built in. I already use the API for those sorts of things but would prefer something in app and which adjusts the summary window.


I’ve voted for this as a thing, even thought I realise it probably can’t me - my new employer also pays me on the last Fri which is a paid when you had it all setup in the app to automatically shuffle.