Payday Pot Payments

Just set up my scheduled pot payments for payday, 31st January. 9 payments to enter. It was ‘fun’ last month, now I’m really, really desperate for a recurring option for ‘on payday’…

Can anyone beat nine?

Perhaps it could be rolled out at the same time as four weekly/fortnightly scheduled pot payments in iOS :slight_smile:


Yeah, an ‘On Payday’ option would be great. :persevere:


What Monzo thinks is ‘Payday’ would need tweaking first.

When I get a BACS transfer Monzo flags it as payday too, so I wouldn’t want it moving all that money for bills as well :laughing:

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Rather than an “on payday” option, I think an “X days after Summary period starts” option would be more likely, more useful and perform the same function as “on payday”.

“X days after Summary period starts” and “Incoming payment above X” seem like good IFTTT triggers.


As long as X can be 0, I’m fine with that :sunglasses:

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This would be so helpful. At the moment I have five separate IFTTT apps linked to a ludicrously over-engineered Google Sheet to do this for me… a built-in setting in Monzo would be so much easier :joy:

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I had some ifttt apps set up with triggers on google calendar, but ifttt doesn’t work with joint pots…

My salary comes through Faster Payments from my employer at some point during the day (or sometimes early morning) of the last day of the month, and that’s the only payment Monzo recognises as “pay day” :thinking:

Could you explain this setup a bit? It could be useful :grinning:

Sure! I have a formula that calculates when my next payday is, in a cell that I’ll call A1 here. Then I have some cells, let’s say in column B, which contain various amounts to be transferred into different pots. Then I have some other cells in column C with a formula that looks at the date in A1 and compares it to today’s date. If A1 is today’s date (i.e. it’s payday) then the cells in column C take the value in column B. Otherwise they just say 0.

So I might have a row for Transport spending with 100 in cell B2. Cell C2 will therefore be 0 if it’s not payday and 100 if it is.

My IFTTT applets then check the value in cell C2 and if it’s changed, they transfer that amount into the relevant pot (so in my example they’d put £100 in my transport pot).

I’m not sure that made any sense… not the simplest thing to explain!

I’m sure there’s a simpler way to do it but it just kind of evolved out of a spreadsheet I’ve had for years, and seems to work more or less ok!

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No that’s clear, thanks for the explanation :+1:

I keep looking how I could use some of the Spreadsheet based triggers to do more in IFTTT - this sounds like a super useful way to do some of that more complex stuff.