Stick to your savings goals by locking your Pots

(Colin Robinson) #82

Not at all, use Apple Pay on a regular basis. :santa:t3:

(Splodf) #83

I turned it off an use a pin instead.

FaceID is great but when you’re laid upside down on the couch with all the lights off it just doesn’t do the job.

(Gavin) #84

What time does locked pots unlock when the day u have choosen

(Kieran) #85


(Only available in amateur ) #88

Midnight at the start of the day you pick, not the beginning of the next

(Only available in amateur ) #90

If you’ve chosen you want it unlocked on the 15th it’ll unlock at midnight on the 15th (so the 14th has just finished).

(Gavin) #91

I picked 16th

(Only available in amateur ) #92

Then it’ll be midnight in the 16th, after the 15th has finished. 00:00 is the start of the day

(Gavin) #93

Thank you so much mate i was getting confussed


Just asked customer support to unlock a pot before my withdrawal date which they did no problem however its not ideal that CS have to delete the pot for money to be unlocked

They said its something Monzo are working on…

(Ben) #95

This could be a nice way for people with irregular incomes make their budgeting / cash flow more consistent (if you could do this).

  • all income moves immediately into a Locked Pot.
  • at the same day of each month - you transfer your “salary” out.

Could help manage the income and cashflow irregularities of being self employed or working freelance etc - if you don’t get a consistent wage each month.

(Michael) #96

I saw first sight of the committed spending pots in the wild (on the beta Android channel)

Hopefully that will address some of the points in your last paragraph

(Dan) #97

I really need locked pots to be hidden from my overall balance!

(MikeF) #98

From previous discussion elsewhere on here, I believe there may be a legal requirement to show you a total of all money held on your behalf.


Is this why most banks display “balance” and “available balance”? Could be done in this way with hidden pots, possibly.

(Dan) #100

What Alex said ^

(MikeF) #101

That’s fair enough then. It doesn’t do what you originally wanted though, since the money would still be included in the overall balance.


But wouldn’t be shown in available Ballance. Depends how it was all layed out I guess.

Anyhow, it’s displayed (sort of) on the summary screen “X left to spend”.

(MikeF) #103

The stuff in pots isn’t included on the Summary screen. Am I missing your point here?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #104

Yeah :eyes:

To expand on this, summary calculates itself based on your available balance - it doesn’t include funds stored in pots :smile:

The only time pots make an impact is when you’ve got pot payments going in/out of your available balance (the funds available on your card) :grin: you’ll then see a section at the bottom of your summary screen with those transactions :sunglasses: