Stick to your savings goals by locking your Pots

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No. Someone asked the same question on slack and was told it wouldn’t work

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Oh thanks! There goes my need for the test aha :slight_smile:

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Just looked to find the exact answer

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Thanks a lot. Looks like he was on the case already.


Be good to have a pot unlock once it reaches a goal

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My coin jar which I locked for a few days unlocked today. But it also seems that unlocking has switched off the round-up function. Has anyone else had this?

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I started a thread about round ups stopping here:


Or be able to unlock it early when it has £0 in it.

Would stop Monzo COps being inundated with unlock requests from people testing out the feature. Like, ahem, my support request right now :sweat_smile: .


I’d say this would be a fairly standard usage, and makes perfect sense to me to run a system like this.

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While I like being able to specify a date for locking a pot, how would people feel about having the same controls for when searching (relative dates) I’ve included a screen shot of the controls so the options would be to pick a date or a relative date period e.g this weekend


Please reread this, it literally makes no sense

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Apologies. I was trying to say:

Can it be Locked, used as a Coin Jar and the Savings Pot with interest all at the same time? or is there restrictions with using the 3rd party pot?


I am with you now.
The short answer is Yes.

Basically you can do anything that means that money flows into the pot you just can’t withdraw money from to pot or transfer it between pots

But paying money from round up into an Invetec Savings pots works


I have two pots, I’m planning to use my round ups as savings and I have a locked one until Oct. 2019 for Christmas, I requested this feature a few months ago and I’m really glad they’ve added it now.

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I stick my Xmas funds in Atom and fix them until November. Helps that I save up for Xmas a year in advance!

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This comment has got me thinking about doing this, but also popped a question into my head

On another thread about investor flair there was mention of how much a new card costs (£3!!) - I felt a bit bad about it, but then it was promised when I invested and not that high in proportion

Anyhow, back to this point and somewhat related, I wonder if there is any additional transaction-related cost whatsoever to Monzo in a constant drip drip into an Investec pot

Anyone come across information on this?


How well does Atom work? If I put money in, can I touch it before that date?

That’s my main issue and why I’m glad they’ve added pots, I overspend because I have access to the money and just buy stupid shit cos I can, so I’m hoping the locked pot helps!

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No. Once the money is Atom it’s locked till the date you set. You can only deposit in a lump sum though, once the window closes it’s closed.

Because of this lock their interest rates exceed most places. For example a 6 month lock gives 1.69%

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Atom have a non standard implementation of Face Id on iOS - it’s hit or miss for me to get in :money_mouth_face:


Do you find that the beard causes issues with face ID? :santa: