Stick to your savings goals by locking your Pots

(Kieren) #105

So I created a Pot for my cars service and kicked it to 31st May thinking the service was in June. I have since discovered that it’s due in March.

I went on live chat to get the pot unlocked or the date changed, either would have worked for me… and I was told in chat that the only option was to have it deleted, the money returned, and create a new pot… for me I like an uncluttered transaction feed, so this really bothers me that I now have a credit from my pot and a debit into a pot all because I needed the date changing.

I think there should be better admin options to COps to be able to edit and remove dates at request instead of having to delete and recreate the whole pot.


From what Monzo have said there are future improvements that mean cops can unlock pots without deleting them

(Andy Slater) #107

I use this method to give myself ‘pocket money’ but obviously the pot isnt locked. The thought of having to change scheduled transactions as there wouldn’t then be enough in the pot to cover the Withdrawals til pay day is enough of a blocker to stop me from dipping in early.

That said, if i could lock my ‘pocket money’ pot other than for pre arranged regular Withdrawals i probably would use the feature