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Please remove account number from statement - only last 4 digets image



EVERY other bank statement I have from different banks in the UK and from banks in other countries has the full account number, and that full account number needs to be seen if you have to present your statement to HMRC, Benefits, Courts, etc.


Security from what?

A bank statement is a form of bank identification you may need as @anon44204028 points out. If you get to the point where you need to show a bank statement to someone else, the account number needs to be on it.


There is no easy untraceable fraud to be committed by knowing an account number. Worst case scenario they can set up direct debits but you’ll be able to get them cancelled and figure out who’s done it as everything is logged; this is also why this kind of fraud is never done despite being very easy.


And this is why I stated that the statement needs to look and have the feel of something more official rather than a dressed down list.

I had real problems a few years ago when using smile statements. The very fact that these where produced by my own printer caused an issue the appearance of them further compounded the whole problem.

This is an opportunity for MONZO to produce a template that will stand out

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As noted, this would eliminate the entire point of offering statements.

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Define “official”.

A statement is there to provide a record of all transactions on a particular account for a given time period. Monzo’s statements perfectly fulfill this function.

I think it’s more about looking official in the eyes of agencies demanding statements like the Home Office.

Monzo can stamp them and post them, which to be honest I’d suggest if submitting to the likes of the Home Office… I hate to make Monzo spend money, but in this case…


Yes please. :joy:

Seriously though, Monzo’s statements have their logo and registered address on them - what would you think is missing to make them more “official”?

They have a logo but no markings that relate to the account name or bank contact details

In actual fact they do but this only appears on one sheet is. The last side

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It’s more the style of the product and the way it’s being presented

I have now shown the statements to a few people, just to get a feel of what they thought, and they all agree that the style just needs a bit more to it to make it more grown up !

At the end of the day it will be Monzo that makes the decision to how they want to present their product.

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I don’t think that would be a problem - did you actually get one refused because of that?

I think there are two things that make the Monzo statements look non-official:

  • the fact that it’s printed by the user, which is seen as a dealbreaker by some stubborn office drones; fortunately not mentioning it’s a printout works most of the time, and when it doesn’t, Monzo can send out the exact same thing but with a stamp

  • the fact that it looks so damn good compared to the garbage produced by most legacy banks :joy:

But to me, Monzo have actually set a pretty good standard there, and I wish the other banks would follow.


So it will be up to Monzo to provide that happy median which satisfies all.

It looks like we have difference in opinions here but that is healthy when trying to produce a top notch product

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Personally I have been with NatWest for a number of years. As soon as I could I stopped paper statements. I have had to print the statement numerous tones before and never had a problem with any official organisations accepting it.

I’m only just getting started with Monzo so unsure if the design causes any problem but self printed really is becoming normal.


Unfortunately some people have had problems and as such have posted elsewhere

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