Joint Account round up icon

In the joint account, we get a nice little user icon for whoever made the transaction, which is helpful. However, it takes the place of the round-up pot icon, so can’t see at a glance if a transaction was rounded up.

I remember there was some discussion about this a while ago, but couldn’t find it. Was there ever anything done to address this? @simonb ?

I get the impression that the joint account is always Monzo’s poor relation when it comes to functionality- take a look at the difference in statement output where you have savings pots on both!

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I haven’t had to export statements yet, how do they differ?

There is an icon for round-up in my joint account (on Android), it’s simply super-imposed over the top of the icon for which user made the transaction. The icon corresponds to the icon for the pot that round up gets sent to. See screenshots below:

We don’t have that on iOS, just the user photo :slightly_frowning_face:

I suspect that’s more related to the fact that you round up into an ‘external’ savings pot rather than anything to do with the round up itself (i.e. if you used an internal pot you wouldn’t see that).