1.6 - Alpha Testing

Running on 1.6.0 build 250.

Just putting a few observations in writing…

  • The lighter theme is really good. It makes the app feel a lot fresher.
  • I’m a bit jarred by the fact I can no longer tap on the amounts at the top of the screen to quickly get into ‘Spending’ and ‘Card’. I understand why it’s been moved, and I’ll obviously get used to it. Would there be any reason not to keep both?
  • I’ve noticed when I’ve only got GPRS, entering into ‘Profile’ locks me out. I can’t press back or get out of the loading screen, so I have to force close the app.
  • When scrolling down on the main screen, the ‘Card Balance’ and ‘Spent Today’ figures should fade out before they hit the status bar. The white of the text on the white of the status bar text looks a bit strange.
  • ATM withdrawals no longer show a green ATM icon, but a greyed out ‘A’. I’m assuming this is a mistake? Whilst it makes sense for merchants that don’t yet have an icon to be grey abbreviations, it doesn’t for ATMs.
  • When a merchant doesn’t have an icon, it used to show the icon of the category. I quite liked that. It’s gone in 1.6.

Other observations not specific to 1.6

  • It would be nice when scrolling to the bottom of a Category, that it gave you the total spends for that category (much like it does when you select a merchant and scroll to the bottom)
  • It’s been mentioned elsewhere, but I don’t really want notifications for new features - but I do want to see them in the app.
  • It’s touched on above - but is there any way of putting a little icon, even a little coloured dot under the merchant logo, on the main screen to show what category a spend has been put into?
  • I’ve been caught out by it on holiday recently - ATM limits! I don’t have a problem with them whilst you’re in testing, but I don’t know what they are to date. Can you put these in the app, perhaps under ATM merchant, so I know where I’m at in terms of daily, 30 day rolling and yearly?
  • In my all time spends, ATM doesn’t add up correctly. It shows £2049.22, but my actual spend is £2017.83. This is because I still have a greyed out transaction from May of £31.39. The money has left my Mondo account, so it’s spent. However, it still hasn’t settled. It’s subject to a chargeback (the ATM didn’t deliver!). However, the money has left my account, so the total should be the higher amount.
  • Total spent in merchants doesn’t include refund so is incorrect.
  • Updating Notes doesn’t automatically refresh. Example: I do a search for ‘Joint’ (as in a joint spend - a workaround until you offer joint accounts!). Once we’ve paid each other back, I delete the word joint. Going back one screen to the search still shows that transaction marked as ‘Joint’. It’s updated and saved, but the search doesn’t refresh.
  • There seems to be an issue with in-app chat. On several occasions, I’ve opened old chats about a specific issue (that lovely chargeback that’s still ongoing) and never received a reply. I ended up having to email in (old school). It shows ‘Seen’ so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Phew. Anything that doesn’t make sense, let me know!


Specifically with regards to the in-app chat stuff - I think there might need to be a review of how you use Intercom. The onus should not be on the user to make sure you respond.

Easiest way to get it right: just never close any conversation which is still waiting on an action from you.

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All solid feedback points and I agree with most of them.

In particular, I strongly agree with @billinghamj that the whole support stack should be next for a full, sit down, end to end review. It seems to me like it’s becoming the weak link in the whole experience to the point where I’ve considered applying for the overnight support position just to do some part in improving it! :sweat_smile:

Not to knock any particular people in support but there’s just something structurally not quite working there.

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An amazing list of observations @tomsr, thank you for taken the time to write all of these down!

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Thanks for the feedback @tomsr, @billinghamj and @RichardR!

I’m Emma and I manage the customer support team at Mondo! We’re always looking for ways to improve and so sorry to hear we haven’t been doing a great job :pensive:

As a tip, I would say that if it has been a number of days since the last response it is probably best to start a new conversation, rather than follow on from an old thread. :+1:

I’m hoping in the future we can build some tech in house to create a support system that it a bit more tailored to our needs and volume of conversations :blush: We are also growing the team with a couple more members joining in the next few weeks. That should help get our response times down!


My main point is that I think you need to develop a process which makes this impossible.

Hi @billinghamj!

To clarify, do you mean from our end or the customers? :thinking: We know our response times aren’t perfect and we’re working to improve our customer service experience all the time, especially as we grow!

To explain what I meant, some customers always open the same conversation to talk about various topics. We would recommend that they open a new conversation in these circumstances, rather than continue on a previous conversation that may have been resolved a number of days before. This is due to the way Intercom funnels conversations, it won’t come in the same queue as new conversations :+1:

I mean that it should be impossible for there to be a situation where the customer never receives a response (i.e. it was erroneously closed in Intercom)

Your response times are generally great. It looks like the issues which have been raised are almost entirely down to forgetting to respond entirely.


I completely agree with you @billinghamj! I’ll bring it up in our next team meeting :blush:

There are a couple shortcuts in Intercom that are very sensitive, which have caused issues before. It would be great if we could set up an alert system if a conversation is closed without a note or response. :rotating_light: Sounds like I have some Intercom homework!


Ahh, yes the keyboard shortcuts catch me out constantly. Always think I’m typing into the comment field, but I’m actually running commands.

It’s happened again. My chargeback issue is ongoing so asked in Mondo support for an update. Messages seen but no response for 48 hours…

On a side note… An ATM in Barcelona rebooted before my money was dispensed. I’ve put in a chargeback claim. This was over 3 months ago. Is this kind of time period normal?