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Revolut has the option to easily create a seperate statement for a single payment. This is very useful for reimbursement purposes. I usually have to pay in advance for my expenses at work trips (travel, accommodation, conference fees,…) and very often it is difficult to receive a proper invoice and therefore I have to attach a bank statement just for a single payment.

Another thing that would be super-nice is to create a statement for a bunch of selected payments or a whole category of payments. This would be very useful to claim reimbursement for all daily expenses (eating out etc) on work trips at once.

As far as I can see, Monzo has only the option to produce bank statements for a full month. This is already better than most other banks, but I really like the single statements feature of Revolut. It should be very easy to do and I think many people might benefit from it.

This is how Revolut’s statement looks like:

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