Statement for single payments

(Jan) #1

Revolut has the option to easily create a seperate statement for a single payment. This is very useful for reimbursement purposes. I usually have to pay in advance for my expenses at work trips (travel, accommodation, conference fees,…) and very often it is difficult to receive a proper invoice and therefore I have to attach a bank statement just for a single payment.

Another thing that would be super-nice is to create a statement for a bunch of selected payments or a whole category of payments. This would be very useful to claim reimbursement for all daily expenses (eating out etc) on work trips at once.

As far as I can see, Monzo has only the option to produce bank statements for a full month. This is already better than most other banks, but I really like the single statements feature of Revolut. It should be very easy to do and I think many people might benefit from it.

This is how Revolut’s statement looks like:

(Hugh Wells) #2

Totally! Will ask what we can do about this :muscle:

(Trevor Mitchell) #3

I like th is idea, particularly the cherry picking of transactions to create a custom statement. :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #4

We have an upcoming small feature about to roll out next week (I think) that could be applied in such a way where you could potentially generate custom and single-payment statements from it.

I’ll have a word with product.

(Kevyn) #5

It’s not just Fintech, the RBS app allow you to create PDF’s of any transaction in or out of your account. You click any transaction and it asks if you would like to create a PDF. Would be super useful in Monzo too.

PDF statement for individual payments
(Jan) #6

Yes, this is exactly what I am asking for.
The feature of Revolut I mentioned is very similar but their PDF looks more like an official letter, which is preferable in my opinion.

(Andre Borie) #7

Just curious as to why a screenshot of the transaction detail view wouldn’t be work? That’s what I always do for my expenses.

(Jan) #8

If by transaction detail view you mean the information you get when you click on a transaction, then I am sure, my University would not accept this. There is no address, no contact detail of Monzo or something like this, there is not even my Name on it.
Revolut’s statement, I can simply attach without additional itinerary anything. I will add a picture how it looks like to my original post.

(Andre Borie) #9

Could you try it anyway though? What do you have to loose?

(Kevyn) #10

Different businesses require different levels of proof from claiming back money especially when the money is public money. I work in a school and as I teach every type of subject I sometimes purchase items for my class which I can get reimbursed for (think buying perishable materials for a Science lesson).

I know for a fact my school wouldn’t accept a screenshot from my Monzo app as proof of a purchase as it would have to pass being audited by the Local Authority. They have only recently started to accept emailed receipts!

(Kieran McHugh) #11

Hey all :wave:I’m an engineer on the Product team.

I’d love to see this feature as well. I will check on Tuesday if it’s something we have in our backlog already.

It might not be too much extra effort to add this, given that we’ve already completed our work on bank statements (famous last words).

(Kieran McHugh) #12

Statements that we provide need to be a full and accurate picture of what happened on your account (otherwise the numbers wouldn’t add up!). So I’m not sure that we could selectively exclude items from a statement.

That being said, issuing statements for a single transaction is a feature offered by most banks, and definitely one we should consider too!

(Jan) #13

Any update on this?