Statement for Pots?

Is it possible to see how my savings are building up in the pots? I know I can click in summary and see the deposits and withdrawals, but unless I am being daft I can’t see a running balance in their. I would like to know how much I have managed to save each month to each pot :slight_smile:


There’s no running balance, but the current balance is above each pot (in iOS).

That’s what the top level Summary figures are, not a running balance but a total saved to each pot for the month.

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Ahhhhh. So the green figures are how much I’ve saved and the black how much I’ve spent? The to figure is the overall saving/spend from pots?

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Yep :slight_smile:

The green figure is “income” into the main account so a withdrawal from your pot.

The black figure is “payment” from the main account so a deposit into your pot.

Not sure they makes a great deal of sense but I’ll go with it!

Yes, we all scratched heads over it when it first appeared but given that the Summary is “main account centric” it makes sense in that context. The effect of tracking pot totals for the month is effectively a secondary effect.


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