Start summary from the last working day of the month

Is it possible to reset summary so it starts from the last working day of the month?

Thats when I get paid. So today (30th September) my summary says I’ve still got 1 day to go when I’ve already been paid.

Yes you can. If you access summary and then select the calendar icon at the top of the screen. Where it says start date then hit change - custom - hit the last day of the month - then select the last working day before.


Does that hard code it to that date though rather than the last working day of the month?

So if I select today’s date, 30th. Then will it still be the 30th next month rather than the 31st?

no next month it should be the 31st

Great. Thanks very much.

So I changed the summary start date to be the 31st of every month and selected the “the working day before” option.

Despite this setting I’m seeing October 30th displayed in a couple of places instead of October 31st. Firstly when I click the summary -> this month option where you see the current start date it shows the 30th and then more obviously in the summary circle graph it shows October 30th as well.

So will Summary reset on the 30th or 31st as it should?

This is because it will reset on the 31st. So your current budget is from Sep 30th to October 30th.


Ok. I’ll wait until the end of the month and see if it works ok.

Thanks for your replies krr13

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I’ve had my Salary paid in for the first time this month, and my Target Date is the 27th, so I would expect to see Aug 27th to Oct 26th.

I used the Pay in Early functionality, so in essence I had my money from the 26th. My Summary shows 27 Sep to 24 Oct why is this 2 days short? I would ideally expect it to say as above or have this from 26 Sept - 26 Oct? Can Monzo advise further please?

Anyone able to help answer this please?

The problem is that summary cant predict that you are going to take your salary early. It makes things even worse when you claim on a Friday and your original start date was the Monday (which would have happened in September if you were paid on the last working day of the month).

Just to confirm do you get paid monthly and on what date normally?

This is very helpful I’ve been looking for this kind of thing for years!

Yes I get paid monthly on the 27th every month.

If you go into summary and press the calander icon - and where it says start date press change - select custom - and then 27th and follow thr process through from there and it should change your start date to the 27th.

It’s already set to the 27th!

@Monzo - Could you advise on this further please?

Because the 27th is a Sunday and you must have selected working day before if it’s on a weekend

Forgot that it was a Sunday, so I will get paid on Friday 25th… :slight_smile: