Account Summary Reset Date

The UI for this seems incorrect.
I get paid on the last working day of the month, so set my reset date to the 31st (selecting the working day before option). All fine so far, however when i enter my summary it says
29th March -> 29th April

I was paid on 29th March, however i’ll next be paid on 30th April, so this end date incorrect.

From what you’ve said above, it seems to be working correctly. Have I missed something?

29th March - 29th April (Paid on the start date)

30th April - ?? may (Paid on the start date)


Haha yeah, actually i guess that is correct! I wonder what it is that had me confused about it…

i’ll flag this as invalid, thanks for setting me straight :+1:

It’s Friday, must have had a mad week :joy:

Seems to have reached a logical conclusion :smile: