Start spending immediately after signup with Apple Pay


Oh… I’m saying it was 100% not marked as urgent by me - Can’t really say any more than that.

Purely relaying my personal experience (as everything so far has been based on what others have said) - Clearly my experience is vastly different from others, but most people seem to be on the new chat.

Not sure if the time difference played any part (with Intercom showing Alex at 5pm, despite it being 10pm)?


Coming from having used Starling first which has this instant use (both iOS and Android), I was a bit miffed at seeing the running on my way card and not being able to start using the app and adding to Google Pay. Loved the animation though.

Luckily I got my Monzo card the next day so that was a nice surprise :partying_face:

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I guess we know why Monzo support is overloaded right now.


Do we? Why’s that then?

How else do you ask a non urgent question to a bank whose primary support is “in app chat”?

Especially when the question has been asked multiple times on the forum, with no actual answer.

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Monzo are obviously growing rapidly and innovations such as this with Apple Pay are good but I feel that the customer service side is slipping I’m afraid.

It almost feels that for the search for numbers and growth, customers are having to wait longer. The new in app chat isn’t working that well. I’d much prefer that Monzo address current issues rather than developing more and more things…for me there’s no rush as long as things are done properly and work well!

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I understand the sentiment but unless you want to give the engineering teams paid leave until other issues are resolved then I’m not sure what that approach really achieves? (Given the the COps issue is primarily recruitment and on-boarding and you can’t solve engineering problems just by ‘chucking more people at them’)

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Come on guys, @nickh has said he didn’t mark it as urgent, we’ve no reason not to believe that’s the case.


Doesn’t matter. Still a silly thing to bug COps with, the answer would have come here from one of the team once they had clarified I’m sure.

Still, it’s done now :man_shrugging:


If clarifying a potentially vital piece of information over a banking issue which could leave some users with no ability to pay (and hadn’t been clarified by Monzo), is a “silly thing”, then fair enough :smiley:

(Matt) #31

Customers have the right to ask their provider anything they want. Not sure it’s up to you to decide if it’s silly or not.

In any case, I had to ask something last week and it was marked non-urgent and I had a response in 15 mins.

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This is provided your UK address is properly listed on public registers no?
I always assumed card activation was part of how Monzo KYC people, since activation means the card was indeed delivered at the right address.

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Don’t think it is as there was a blog about people without a permanent address or living on boats being able to open an account using any address they can get their post from

(Paul) #34

Amazing. I kinda wanna be a new customer again, just to try it out :laughing:

(Jai Sullivan) #35

Hear hear.

(Ian Lyon) #36

Ten Monzo-points* to the first person to sign up in the queue of a shop and make a payment with Apple Pay by the time they get to the till :wink:

Not a redeemable currency or of any value until such time as I become the ruler of this land

(Bruce) #37

I think this may open up a great way of getting more members on board.

If I’m at the pub and my friend doesn’t have monzo, I could get them to sign up send them a £5er for a beer and they could buy that beer then and there. Monzo could then reimburse my £5 as they’d know it is a £5 new joiner fee…

Next million customers would cost £5million on marketing .

I think that’s pretty good bang for your buck

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #38

Not at the moment. It certainly makes it easier for us to implement this but we need to make a few changes from a UX perspective. For example, when you order a replacement card you still have an active (plastic) card which might also be on your Apple Wallet.

I think there’s a few really useful use cases around ordering a replacement card. For example if your card details have been compromised and you order a replacement, it would be useful to keep on using your card for chip+pin transactions while your replacement card is on the way. We could block all e-commerce and magstripe payments as those would be the fraud vectors, while still making it possible to use the card for daily spend while your card is on the way. And of course adding your new replacement card to your Apple Wallet before the plastic arrives would also help removing the stress of having to go without a card for a few days.

(Bruno Vaz Moço) #39

:100: It’s a good example of how you can invite a friend in places like an airport when you’re about to go on holidays together (you certainly have your passport with you!) and can immediately start spending. I guess the biggest blocker would still be that to start using your account you need to add some money to it, and often times legacy banks make it a bit tricky to setup a new payee (using card readers etc).


I wonder how long before Barclays copies this and then puts an ad out making it look like they invented it.

cough freeze card cough

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Mentioned this in another thread – but being a train ride from my card when I first got the Apple Pay feature but still being able to activate and use my Monzo account was a joy. Great news that now you won’t even have to wait for the card to arrive!