Starling: Kite cards for under 16s

Starling takes another step forward.


It was discussed on here about a week ago.

Will be useful for any who missed it though :+1:


Five grand? Wow. I had the wrong parents. 50p for doing the washing up was about my limit :confounded:


Competitive when you look at the likes of Go Henry. My kids are with too young or too old (my daughter already has a 16-17 year old account). I would definitely consider this when my boys are old enough to use a card though.

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At least you could’ve used the 50p for gambling, or in a nightclub, though.

True :innocent:
You raise an interesting point though, a block against using for gambling and nightclubs is sensible, but shouldn’t make parents complacent that their kids can’t spend their (upto) £5k in those places. It just means they can’t use the card there.

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How kids will manage this card? No words about separate kids application

I remember getting a card I could pay online with at 14 from Halifax and promptly ordering GTA from with it.

Good times.

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Bless. Internet wasn’t around when I was 14.

Remember using a lot many years ago. DVDs released in other countries before here.

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I tried GoHenry with my kids and just got annoyed by the app and how it works. Also with 3 kids it got quite pricey :joy:

I opened an account with Lloyds for my 11 year old, she has a debit card she can use in shops, online and ATM’s, has contactless etc. Not sure I’d pay £2 a month for Starling…will be interesting to see what it’s like over and above

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I just wonder what the child gets apart from the card?
Do they have visibility of their money?
If not I’d say it’s a major flaw in this idea.

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I agree.

If they do not know how much is in there, or where they are spending it (analytics), how will it help them manage their money?

Yes, they could go old style and write down balances and usage, however, this is a new generation who have been raised during a more technological (and perhaps sometimes lazier (me included in that phrase now)) time.


I think they must have some visibility as it then converts to a teen account at 16. We used Osper back in the day, and being able to keep an eye on spending was useful. And yes the GoHenry app was an utter mess, hated using it


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