Account for Children ages 7 and 9

For several years Monzo have said about creating a child account with the last one being in a thread from March last year but still no news on this.

Does anyone within Monzo have any news on when this will be available?


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It’s much better to keep the discussion/votes to the same thread.

I presume you meant this one?

I wouldn’t get your hopes up! One staff member wanting something doesn’t really translate into it actually happening. Theo has also said many times about improving joint accounts as he’d like that too. But we’re still waiting :frowning:


I don’t recall them ever saying definitively that they will.

Much like every company, rather than say ‘no’ they phrase it more positive by saying ‘great idea, we’d love to watch this space’ or similar.

So while they may want to (or a staff member would), there hasn’t been any plans announced to actually do it.

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If you’d like a recommendation for this age group, HyperJar Kids is worth a look.

It’s free and is available for ages 6-17.

The supervising adult must have a HyperJar account.


Starling also do a Kite account for Kids, won’t cost anything. I know places like GoHenry cost a monthly fee

Starling Kite: The debit card for kids - Starling Bank

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It’s free, as I said - which is why I recommended it!

The only cost is if you lose a card and need it replaced.


I looked at Starling as I have an account with them but it charges £2 pm. Or at least that’s what their site says.

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Interesting, same price as GoHenry. I thought it was free, apologies

HyperJar Kids seems to be your best bet

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Don’t know how many kids you have, but with Revolut one kid’s account is free.

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I’ve tried them all (except Starling) - GoHenry, HyperJar, Revolut and finally settled on Monzo - Virtual card fed from a ‘spending money’ pot for each mini-me, and they have virtual cards on their phones to tap with. Works a treat and they can’t lose a physical card because they don’t have one! With monthly auto-transfers to their pots, I’ve no admin and extra emergency transfers don’t cost either - looking at you GoHenry…

It’s not free (Plus/Premium only) so I wouldn’t recommend going for Plus/Premium just for this feature. But it’s one feature that does work very well.


We use Rooster, its cheap if they dont have a debit card but if you get a debit card for their account its a yearly cost of £24.99 I think now but it has a much better loading fee structure and use cost structure than GoHenry at the time.

I use HyperJar. My kids love it.

They can’t withdraw cash from an ATM with it though. Online and contactless only.

Hadn’t caused them an issue yet, twelve months on.


My kids use hyperjar.
It’s free and you both get notifications when spending like most others.

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