Child Payment card linked to my account

Hi I have found a gap in the current banking market.
My 12 year old son is just starting to venture out into the world and with the covid challenge
where shops etc are not wanting people to use cash it’s is tricky to send him out with money
to spend.

I have investigated pre-loaded payment cards but they would require signing up to another
financial company. What would be great would be a Monzo card which I can give to him
which is linked to my account but not have direct access to my pot of money and then I can load money onto whenever he goes out and about.


Child accounts has been suggested before. You can vote for it below:

Long story short, people believe the reason it hasn’t been done is there isn’t much money to be made in them.

Monzo should offer this under Plus/Premium. I’d rather pay for Monzo Plus with this than pay gohenry at least £3 a month for the service of also paying my kids £x per month spending money!

Starling is looking more & more attractive, connected cards, online banking… tempting - but no bills pots.


It’s a gap that’s been filled already. Starling have a solution for you.

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Hmmm I’m not sure if it should be bundled with Plus, unless you mean an additional tier?

This way you’re not forcing it onto those who don’t have kids between 12 and 16 - which I guess is a small portion of the userbase?

I also guess that there is a reason accounts are restricted to 16+ currently? So perhaps they’d need to apply for a new licence / increase their insurance (or whatever it is) for the extra liability which is another cost factor they’d need to recoup?

well a “half baked” solution for the twelve year old , akin to sending your 12 year old out with a wallet stuffed full of tokens as far as I understand with no oversight for the twelve year old on how much they spend on ice creams , sweets and stuff and how many tokens they have left , only a card that works to a set predetermined limit then doesnt allow any more transactions and embarrasses the 12 year old in front of their mates when it gets refused ?

Dont get me wrong it was a brilliant solution for covid shopping for self isolating people

I haven’t looked into the details, but as I understand it, it’s more akin to sending your 12 year old out with their wallet with some cash.

I picked on Starling because it was the first to pop into my head. There are plenty of others, some of which seem to offer insights into spending habits.

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Revolut Junior 7-17 trumping Starling atm until Starling finish their kids app.

We’ve only been asking Monzo for a kids app for the past four years. Now Monzo has stagnated it doesn’t look like any time soon.


That seems to be a better offering from Revolut , I cant see the point of the 12 year old not having oversight of their spending, what is it teaching them if they have no idea of how much they have to spend, what they spent it on and what they have left, might as well send them out with £10 , £20 or £40 in cash and a wallet to last until the end of the day/ week/ month, keep your receipts for your ice creams and you will know where you spent it


The thing I like about Rs solution is its clean and simple. Completely free if you have one child.

Monzo missed the boat.

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All this love for Monzo! Please can you keep it down to a low gushing?


Well it’s not exactly blossoming atm. Over the last three years it’s been in a serious downward trend.

The apps gone to shit, the customer service has gone to shit from what it was.

There’s been no real innovation.

The pace of development has gone to a crawl.

The keep making incredibly bad decisions.

Everyone in the original team now left or fired.

They couldn’t even find another new things for Plus so they paywalled things that were originally meant to be free.

Most legacies now offer the same as Monzo so there’s little benefit.

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OK, so maybe this is something I don’t understand, as a non-parent, but what is the thing with having a account for your child linked to your account?

When I was 11/12, I got an account with Midland Bank, all my own, complete with LiveCash card (not a debit card, but then this was less necessary in the mid-90s :joy:). This then morphed into an account with a debit card at 16, then a fully fledged adult account at 18.

I know that the equivalent HSBC account today has a Visa Debit card (IIRC online-only, to enforce no overdraft) available from either 11 or 13 years old.

Why is something like this, or something similar not an option?

Maybe it would be better to have a separate thread where people can call Monzo shit, rather than having it on every thread? Then people who are bored by these sort of comments can mute that thread.


Your situation was similar to mine growing up however when my kids are old enough for an account I’ll be looking at GoHenry or similar.

The difference these days is that you can have more control, teach them the value of saving, the effects of spending sprees, control where they spend, have an oversight on it all and just generally educate them on managing their finances better. Rather than just giving them a card and saying “go nuts” while they figure it all out themselves.

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It’s not every thread, but I like the idea. Maybe have a thread called “I think Monzo are …”

Then all the people who think it’s poor can argue with those who think it’s great.

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Go Henry missed a trick, there.

2 Likes is available… this might be my million dollar idea that I’ve been dreaming of :open_mouth:


The big banks offer accounts with debit cards to anyone over the age of 11

Try one of them and then you can put money in it using faster payments.

I had one with natwest but the one offered by nationwide currently looks like one with a better offer.

I don’t think that’s healthy though only having threads with positive vibes. It’s like sticking your fingers in your ears going la-la-la everything is fine :hear_no_evil:

Monzo needs to have constructive criticism where it’s needed. If you have a competitor that’s doing something better it needs to be highlighted, and Monzo needs to pull their finger out and step up, or be given both barrels.