Starling Feedback

It has?

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Only for me :grinning:

It read like it was at times, but I guess it is sometimes diificult to interpret solely based on text.


Agreed. But loads of the threads go through it from time to time especially when it’s one upping each other on banking regulation knowledge :smile:

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I’m so proud to have Starling as my Main Bank. This will grow numbers significantly. To win this award with 5 times less users at least than the other banks it’s very significant. Can’t wait to invest.


What’s wrong with that? The best Bank won.

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Better luck next year. We may even have Applepay then if we are very lucky .


What ever happened to graciously losing? … if Monzo had Won I would have been surprised , but I would have congratulated them… it’s also noteworthy we have 5 times less users , so if we had 500.000 you would still be behind us as a Higher percentage of Starling Voters voted compared to Monzos 50000 customers who didn’t vote or didn’t feel they wanted to vote Monzo the best bank as they didn’t feel it was. . Also to be able to put “best bank 2018”on your Advertising and in the App Stores with help Growth undoubtedly.
I also find it very significant that First Direct put so much into their advertising budget on Television et cetera and yet Starling & Monzo both usurped them with No Tv Radio or poster ads. How upset must FD be right now. They will have to think up a whole new Ad campaign as they always relied heavily on this Award.
On another note The best bank award surely it’s like a top award and encumbers the whole experience? A bit like the Oscars the best Film :movie_camera: & Best actor wards are seen as the best. So I Think best bank is the Best award. The rest are all kind of categories or features and parts of banks awards online banking mobile banking et cetera


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absolutely nothing - how "it was advertised for Starling users on their forum " can be construed as criticism by some is beyond me :slight_smile: - I never said there was anything “wrong” with Starling posting it on their forum :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • we are in the Starling feedback thread and I was answering the post two above mine where it was asked by Poppa Thor "How is this voted for? :thinking:

I also assumed it would be real-time, unless recent developments means they now are?

Hi @rippy, what does this refer to, please?
(Sorry, can’t find the post you’re replying to :flushed:).

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Ah, thanks Jolin.


Starling just released their latest feature - International Money transfer.

Basically they are now Transferwise’s competitor. Instead of bringing Transferwise into their Marketplace they have gone for their own offering.


Starling seem to bring these new features think and fast and without any big hooha - Good on them :+1:t6:


That’s interesting stuff. I don’t often need to send money abroad, but when I have it has cost a significant sum. These fees appear to be much lower.

As someone mentioned in a topic, yesterday, the gloss is starting to wear off Monzo.

Thinking about it, Monzo’s UX/UI, transparency and customer services combined with Starling’s features and could be a winning formula!

Perhaps Tom and Anne should join forces.

No. Wait. :neutral_face:


Technically they haven’t become a competitor for Transferwise. It clearly states “Send your payment via a local partner” on their website (and in app) which could actually be TransferWise, it could be Currency Cloud or other FX brokers.

However, still a very interesting post though. It does tempt me because I have opened Irish (KBC Ireland) and Dutch (Bunq) Euro accounts.


They did announce that they would be partnering with TransferWise last year. Their use of language (saying that they use local partners) gives them some wiggle room to use alternative partners in regions where TransferWise is not available, or for more competitive rates.