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Selective memory is a wonderful tool, it’s what keeps most of us at least semi-sane I suspect… :joy::joy::joy:

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I deleted my post :slight_smile: , that you were speedy enough to get a screenshot of :slight_smile: - Ive mostly stopped posting about Starling as it always causes this rift between a minority of the two sets of users - both Starling and Monzo and other fin techs are doing great things for banking services , both have different ways of doing it , I find it a bit pointless the arguments of which are doing it better - if one service suits you use it, until it doesn’t.

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Nick cooling down the thread before I get to post my cat fighting gif again.


Yeah, I agree.

This thread has been much more constructive since the Starling forum wrapped up.

Starling have done some great things and people should try them out if they are in need of something.

My comment above was more aimed at people trying to dissuade others from joining another FinTech forum… Which I find disappointing.

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Took my bit out too since you got rid of yours, there’s no breach of forum etiquette worse to me than people keeping things up that the OP wants deleted. :+1:t2::grinning:

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lol steady on its almost getting amicable :slight_smile:


I can always fire things up again.

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We Know :slight_smile:


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Any thoughts on this piece? Seems to smell fishy. Then again starling not as transparent as monzo…

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This has been dealt with a few posts up and the general consensus was that the only thing fishy was why someone was trying to turn a complete non-story into an issue, not that there was anything fishy in the award, AT ALL. :roll_eyes:

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I used to love logos when I first got Monzo and they felt like such a novelty. But now I’ve come to prefer, on both Monzo and Starling, when merchants don’t have logos, as the category icon is more useful to me and a lot clearer to digest at a quick glance. I feel like logos work really well in an ideal world (eg Sketch app mockups) where merchants shown are the likes of Apple and Starbucks, but the reality is most smaller merchants either have no logo, or their logo doesn’t scale well / isn’t familiar enough / is ugly.

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So I closed my Starling account last year but I wanted to give them another go. I tried to open an account again. It was rejected. Do you think they could reinstate my old account or is that a no go?

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You have to wait a year, and I believe it might reset if you try to apply within the year.

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Ah ok! Thank you for the info!

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You were spot on @j06 - Just had this email!

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Jobs are already up on the website, I wonder how many other Southampton Uni students will be applying :eyes:

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I was watching the OH on Candy Crush. Recently all the ads have been Starling pushing quick loans. Pre approved up to £500 etc.

She asked me if it was because I just setup Monzo on her phone (doubt it).

Shame that’s being seen on a PG game on Android.