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I have an uneasy feeling that might only be half joking :scream:

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One is voicemail silly.

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As if i’d have voicemail on, and then prioritise it over a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.


Ahhh, are you actually allowed to use the word ‘Empire’…:joy:


Well I be glad if you have managed to get to someone and complain aboutlogos as i find it annoying.

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Yeah I remember that and the spin that was put on it and there insistence that it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Google was putting up the fees for the Maps API up…


It wasn’t disabled. It just wasn’t displayed by default you had to click the badly named show address to see it. I’m sure that change will be here soon :thinking:

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I only said disabled, rather than hidden/discouraged, as the icon did not seem to be present in the screenshots above from @Dunsford

The transactions page is still a very austere/miserable place to be in that app from my point of view and it was still lagging far behind Monzo in that particular regard even before then

Some folk on here have the pitchforks out as it took Monzo three weeks to roll out some feature and Starling have not touched that in over six months


I’ve just looked at both now … look much of a muchness to me

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I’d imagine it was an online transaction. They removed the map altogether for those as i dont really need to know that my Pizza is from “Whittaker House, 2 Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, TW9” just because i paid through paypal for example so it picks up the Paypal address instead of my local pizza shop. It removes the map/show address, plus as you can see, the ‘improve name/address’ option for updating the information.


It looks Starling don’t want to manage merchant logos. Maybe they will get rid of them like N26?
Or they simply have no staff? I submitted around 15 corrections since November none of them was updated.

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This info from my question about Committed spending might have some bearing:

Perhaps Starling has just decided it’s a beast not worth bothering with?


What’s the link for the spin off starling forum again? Thanks

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The Monzo forum reaction forum? It’s called Fintech talk


Thanks :joy::joy::joy:

Happy birthday btw :tada::tada::tada:

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It’s a cake day not a birthday :grin:

Forum anniversary


Hey mate, it’s here -

I didn’t hear this forum being called the “Starling forum reaction forum” when it was in full swing…


What’s the difference :eyes:

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peoples liberation front of judea ? this has expletives in the clip - sorry :slight_smile:


The whole Starling/Monzo thing is ridiculous.

From my personal experience, it was this forum that initially started the “war with words” against the Starling forum - But perhaps I was late to the party and things had happened previously.

The FinTech forum has a huge amount of threads across all of the fintechs.

I’ve been vocal of my dislike for the “forum” thread - Just as I was when the “Starling Feedback” thread on the Monzo forum was a bunch of people commenting about what was being said on the Starling forum, and not the Starling product.

I mean, Christ… We are all here because we have an unhealthy fascination with banking… :wink:

Starling, Monzo, N26 - Whatever… Lets all hug it out and move on! :smiley: