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It somehow doesn’t feel like it amounts to defamation.

The reference to “serious” isn’t fully described and it’s easy to dissect an interview without getting the full context. Regrettably she’s on a hiding to nothing on this forum. Unless my memory fails me, Starling was vilified for providing services to the DWP.


I’d say from what I’ve seen they are more of a banky bank. You could call that serious as a journalistic short hand I suppose


Ah - that I don’t support. I think it gives them the necessary public exposure to at some point get private sector contracts. Regarding the article, you making a fair point. But since it read like a quote, I took it literally. Plus why would there even be the need to mention a competitor? I think this was wholly unnecessary.

Then there is this quote on their site;

30 years ago, our founder Anne Boden pioneered the UK’s first same-day payment service that transformed electronic money.

On the face of it, there is nothing wrong with it. However, it irks me that one would be arrogant enough to claim that they alone did - which is clearly not the case with CHAPS, which I think this is referring to. Take credit where it’s deserved - but also give credit where it’s due.



PSA: You can use a like to do that.

Out of interest - are there any public stats on the number of Starling users? I’ve looked but can’t find anything.


Could you get a source for this for me please?

Sorry, I can’t off-hand. Somewhere in the Starling Feedback thread I reckon.

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What’s a PSA please?


OK. Shame. If you can’t evidence the point you were making, it makes it very difficult to believe [at face value].

I saw it, it’s true.

It’s on the forum but they probably deleted it like their outages with GPS that don’t happen :eyes:


Which suggests I’m lying, but let’s leave it there eh?

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Not at all. I am not insinuating you’re lying, but I can’t just accept your word it happened. I thought I politely asked for your source, the inference you added I’m afraid.

That’s ok. There’s no need for you to accept my word. I was just about to suggest the point is moot, but I can never remember quite what that means :thinking:

Did you mean a source from this forum?

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Public Service Announcement.

Funnily enough, I sent a tweet to Anne on that but she never responded. It’s a shame they don’t put those figures out there. Especially when they say/

At Starling, we pride ourselves on our culture of openness and transparency


Yes that’s the thing, but I’m sure there was a lot more chat involving ethics and morals and the like.

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Your memory does not fail you. It may have been discussed on both forums but I think on one (I am not sure if Monzo or Starling) it was quite a few posts in one thread


Thanks @Anarchist.

For the avoidance of doubt.

If someone says “Such and such happened” I tend to ask (if it’s not obvious) “Can you please show me where that occurred?” Taking claims at face value on a public forum is what causes folk to fly off the handle.

If the response comes back as “I dunno” I don’t immediately think the person is a liar. But I do weight their claim very lightly when evaluating the whole scenario.

It’s called looking at, and weighing up, the evidence. Something sadly lacking in a lot of posters in this forum.


Thanks Richard - thought I was losing it…:flushed:


If every recollection and post was backed up with footnotes and scientific papers and links to lofty broadsheets the forum would be a tedious read!