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Sensible response, thanks for that, Peter. My main bank shares no information with credit reference agencies and, like you, I am very happy with that. However, for most people a shared rating will be helpful if it is positive, and I think that Monzo is short-changing them by sharing with only one minor rating agency, and equally its lending decisions will be skewed by basing them on assessments from that minor agency. For Starling monthly statements, go to Account Management then Statements.


Got you - similar to the Monzo statements under the Account tab / options cog thingy.

I can’t find an option to email them on Starling, though. I’ll have a proper hunt later.

(Gordon Dack) #565

I use both, happy with both of them, no clear winner :slight_smile:

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lol at least you won’t be a crowdfunder at Starling so will avoid the conflict of interest there :slight_smile: and in a nutshell thats what probably sets Monzo apart from Starling :slight_smile:

sorry if thats too “snippy” :slight_smile:

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I currently use Starling as my main bank account.

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That’s completely incorrect. You should check out this whole thread (for example) -

Summary - Feedback thread


Whilst that may be true the comment did come across as a way to delegitimize the poster above…

That’s how I read it.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #572

The post was a list of gripes the writer had already made elsewhere on this forum, months ago.

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I don’t necessarily share @Nick3’s views but I see nothing wrong with their post except that it’s pro-not-monzo :thinking:. That’s okay right? Can we leave what happened in the past, in the past?

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Though you haven’t updated your facts, as Monzo have offered statements (on request, as with Starling) for months, and the waiting list was removed a week or two ago.

(Alex Sherwood) #577

Perhaps it’s not a good idea to make sweeping statements about the behaviour of users in the community then.


Perhaps it’s not a good idea to make references to thousands of posts rather than making a brief factual reply?

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Those posts are simply evidence that you’re wrong about this -


Perhaps you would be kind enough to post a line or two of explanation, since I have no intention of reading all posts here to divine what on earth you are talking about


Yeah, you right. I know which you mean now! Sorry!! :confused: :slight_smile:

:oncoming_automobile: :moneybag:


Fair enough

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Im glad you admire my honesty :slight_smile: - thank you , I have kept my user name throughout my membership of this forum , Monzo have crowdfunded to enable some to invest in their product , Starling haven’t even considered crowdfunding to my knowledge - thats fact - this is a Monzo vs Starling head versus heart thread - and to me for Monzo to include users in their success ( or failure) is what sets Monzo apart form Starling , " head verse heart ? " - a business that wants to include their users in their success as opposed to Starling that want to keep their success ( or failure ) to themselves

" Starling seems to me to me to be on all levels as good or better a product for the customer." - thats great if Starling works for you , it is after all a Monzo vs Starling - heart vs head thread - :+1:

  • " boosting Monzo through content free posts " - was there not enough content in my post for you ?


My perfectly polite messages relating to this topic have all been deleted as “flagged by the community”. What a joke.

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they aren’t polite in fairness, they are aggressive attacks on a forum with Monzo users saying how rubbish Monzo is and how much better other services are and then you expect to have a "polite " discussion of your views on how bad the service is :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Not at all. I have posted 6 or 7 points comparing Monzo and Starling. On all points Starling is as good as Monzo, on most it is better. That is hardly an aggressive attack.

While I understand that you are a relative of the guy who started Monzo and have your money in it it hardly seems sensible to turn a blind eye.