Starbucks Card / App

(Simon B) #1

Does anyone use the Starbucks card / app?

I’ve used it a couple of times, but I remember that it seemed a hassle to load money to it.

Well… good news, you can now use Google Pay to top it up :grinning:

(Andy) #2

Only just been added? You’ve been able to use apple pay to top up for ages! I always use the app as mobile ordering means you skip the queue and get to look smug! :smirk:

(Jack) #3

Woo! about time… I prefer Costa’s rewards system where by you don’t have to pre-load the card you just scan it to collect points.
Starbucks only do it this way to get your money quicker. But any streamline to the process is a great + . I always found I was in the queue waiting to pay and I quickly needed to top up :smile:

Saying that I haven’t used the app in quite a while for this reason…


Used it loads when l was living outside of London and Starbucks was the only decent source for Flat White. Now back in London infrequently use it, when l know l am going to Starbucks will top up via Apple Pay and get my point.

Taking forever to save for a free coffee now…:

(Jack) #5

The more you know… I’ll give the app another try

(Andy) #6

Since 2015 is seems!

(Valeri) #7

Yes, for that specific reason - why wait 15 minutes when you can just pick it up upon arrival :slight_smile:


Everyday :grinning: coz of free extra shot for being Gold level.
I don’t really topup though I always buy gift cards via my employer’s reward website and just add them in app.

(Valeri) #9

Also some of us get free weekly drinks on Vitality through it :running_man:

(Simon B) #10

I’ve had like three in a year. I evidently don’t do enough steps!

The super annoying thing though, was that I walked loads when in Vegas, and kept earning the free drinks, but they’d expired when I got back to the UK :angry:

(Valeri) #11

I know! They did not use to expire so quickly until last year, that was so good… btw don’t the rewards work in the States as the app is the same?