“Pay with Google” - new way to pay on mobile devices

Interesting announcement yesterday, as Google moves on the offensive with a new way to pay on mobile devices.

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It’s another option at the POS.

Some may think too many options, however, I’m all for making the POS experience more fluid.


I agree. A lot of banks have invested a lot of effort and money into Android Pay, Google Pay, MasterPass, Samsung Pay and any number of other schemes I can’t think of right now, and it’s not yet clear which will manage to get the attention of Android users - and that’s in addition to other payment methods such as PayPal. I can see this becoming quite confusing for many customers :confused:

This would be good for people with Banks like Barclays who are not on Andriod Pay but you can save the card details on your Google account.

The PayPal payment mechanisms never really took off because they were too complex and adoption was low. They also launched it alongside Sqaure/iZettle which made the PayPal proposition less valuable because why invest in that when you can take all the cards?!

PayPal now offers it’s own card reader…

My understanding was that this was just for online retailers where AFAIK you can’t use Android/Apple Pay etc anyway.

Seems like a much nicer solution than autocomplete with saved card details which is very dependent on how the retailer has set up their fields. And PayPal used to be a PITA to pay with online if you were on a mobile device and had 2FA set up (this may no longer be the case, I don’t use it anymore)

Will be interesting to see if it ever becomes more than a niche thing.

When I’ve gone to markets, cons etc for the last 2 years, many have had the PayPal reader, infact most of my card transactions at these has almost always been using a PayPal reader. It definitely took off in those markets

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those are the ones I prefer to use

So this only works on websites and apps and not via NFC in stores?

Yeah, I mean it isn’t new. I was alluded to a couple of years ago - it is just an extension of the Android Pay API. The news really is that it has moved out of the US.

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Yes. (And only in Chrome browser at the moment)

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