Stagnant 2022?

6 out of those are other banks. One is directly related to :monzo:, the other 3 are general financial discussions. 60%/30%/10%

Are the contributions to this community now diluted to the point it is simply treading water?
(aka, :monzo: development has decelerated so much, we can’t keep up with the negative g-force and post about gawd-knows-what because we’ve posted here for years and so continue to do so to keep it going)

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  • No

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If ‘Yes’, then why is this forum still going?
If ‘No’, then why are the detailed discussions about other banks continuing - is it because they don’t have their own soapbox(es)?

Genuinely curious.


There are big things to come, but in terms of other banks and topics, I guess they also move at a similar pace but in alt timelines so it keeps the conversation somewhat flowing.

I think it’s great this community has many various topics opposed to just Monzo stuff otherwise it may have sadly died out until big things are released.

Take out all non-Monzo stuff and I wonder what launch it would go back to given the 10 topics there:

Dark Mode
Caps on taps
Open banking / view other accounts
Plus/Premium relaunch
Loans (?)
Share with Us

Can’t think what else within the last year or so I’ve been in the community :sweat_smile:

Edit: just had a glance and I wasn’t too far off :upside_down_face::joy:


I think you need to look at the fact that the crises one has so many posts, and is a huge amalgamation of lots of topics.

Were that to be broken out, it’d be loads of threads.

Also, I think the development just isn’t as visible - the one that is (flex) has loads of posts etc. so I think it’ll pick up when the next big thing (Black Friday?!) kicks off.


Kinda. It’s also because those banks get a single thread for every single thing they do. Monzo gets an entire forum and everything they do will get its own thread, if not multiple different threads.

There’s only so far a thread on a specific component of a specific feature can go before steam runs out. Especially if it’s a finished thing and not something still in development, or has potential for future improvements.

Flex is exciting enough to remain an active topic for a few reasons. It gets fantastic engagement from Monzo, from someone on the team. Most other features, products, or services don’t offer that same community engagement. Through that engagement there’s a glimmer of the old level of transparency full of hints for what comes next.


Stagnent, no.

Do I come on here to discuss Monzo development, Monzo in general etc. Also not as much.

It’s a great forum to talk about banking in general and I find it better than the others out there.

Will Monzo become stagnent in 2023, possibly.

As an app it’s great and full of features, as a bank less so. Others have I feel better offerings in terms of interest rate, support etc.

Nothing has really changed with plus since it launched. The interest rates haven’t changed and we’re still waiting on the integration of summary and trends.

None of this is necessarily Monzos fault. As they scale I would expect the level of interaction on here to drop. It’s just not sustainable for the most part.

I do want to see Monzo - as a bank offering - do more in 23 for me to stick about.


I’m always interested in what people feel would keep them involved in monzo, like what would you like to see?

Banks can only really offer so much unless you’re looking at say revolut which does most things a bank offers, and then other things such as stocks etc.


Well firstly I still think Monzo is great.

And, it’s super difficult - especially in this market to retain/attract customers. I don’t plan to leave monzo, but right now it’s just about my day to day spends account.

One of the things I love here is the diverse nature. I can find find out about Monzo, and discuss some great topics with great folks.

The below is just opinion, but for Monzo itself not to become “stagnent” in 23 I have thoughts.

The app

When Monzo launched it was sizmatically different. Now, not so much. It has a great look but it’s a bank not an app so it needs more.


Why do people really switch banks? Switch offers and incentives probably pay a large part here. I’d be genuinely interested in seeing how many people switched because of a different coloured card though vs actual money.

As above app features are great but offers and interest likely attract people away/in (source, me just now).

On that, Plus hasn’t really iterated at all in a good few years. I understand why with Covid etc but a good number of other banks do better here.

So what could Monzo do? Well find a way to at least zero the cost of plus. I get that it’s difficult but at least three other banks I can think of do this one way or another.

Also offers. Offers are not features available for free elsewhere. The plus offers have definitely
stagnated, would be nice to see some new ones, perhaps high street retailers for limited times.


Interest rates. Honestly right now it’s why I’ve moved all my savings out. It’s just not competitive in either easy access or fixed term.

If Monzo offered (and I’m not talking about shawbrook) an easy access pot that offered +1.5% on it even if there was a small cost it might do something to build more customers.

Also on loans & overdrafts. Competitive rates.

I appreciate that these things cost money and Monzo has to scale and grow. It appears to be doing that well. While it can’t likely do some or any of these things the above is what I would hope Monzo might do next.

EDIT: I wrote the post at like 3am so tidied up the grammar a little


Also just to add but in relation to @davidwaltons question earlier.

Personal opinion but i think that the fintech scene is super different than it was just six years ago.

People I feel are for the most part over it all now and just banking with whatever gives them the best offers. Again opinion, I have no data to quantify this.


Whilst it is called Monzo community, and there is a bit of Monzo specific product discussions and help/support/feedback I sort of treat this forum closer to money saving expert forums. As in, it has a different demographic of people interested in real economy.

And imho that’s good. Monzo is mature enough to not require daily fan base drum ups.


I use quite a few financial forums, but my top three are Monzo, Fintech Forum and Money Saving Expert. As I see it (which is often very different to how others see things):

Monzo Forum: This is like going down the pub and chatting with your mates. You meet a diverse bunch of people and I find that refreshing.

Fintech Forum: To me, it seems more like a smaller village pub where you get what seems like an older population having a quiet pint or glass of wine, some playing dominoes or cards. Political views are more right-leaning and the clientele are less diverse. Occasionally somebody new pops in and heads all turn :slight_smile:

MSE Forum: Mainly retired folk, often reminiscing about the olden days (well, the sub-forums that I usually inhabit, anyway). Too many know-it-alls talking down to people who are asking for help. “Why did you do that”, “I wouldn’t have done that”, “What did you expect”, etc.

Sorry if I offended anybody with the above forum descriptions - I get something out of all of them but Monzo is the one that feels like home.


Only on the forum over a year so can’t comment on what it was like a few years ago but I like it now as its got a wide range of topics, not just ‘monzo stuff’. With regards to topics on other banks, it’s good to keep an eye on the competition ain’t it? Also the topics on coffee, tech etc is enough for me, with a passing interest in both.


I’ve always liked that this community spans a broader range of topics than just Monzo. If it was just Monzo, Monzo, Monzo I think I’d get bored and probably wouldn’t spend much time here.

Although there are other options for general fintech forums, they don’t have as many users so you don’t get as much variety of contributions.


Exactly this.

Flex one day, the best type of paper towel the next.


Yeah definitely this for me too.

Also, personally I like engaging with the new feature topics, but I try to steer away from some of the more general Monzo help topics.
I have a bit of a problem with the fact that Monzo make accessing support a little difficult for some and the fact that customers are pushed to the forum by the app when they should really be speaking to support. As much as I like to help people, there’s definitely a bigger picture here and I don’t wish to carry out the job of a CoOp for free - responding to some of these topics I feel validates the path Monzo have taken with this, so most of the time I opt not to.

I know some folks will disagree with my take on this, but this is just how I see things.

Otherwise I like this forum, intelligent conversation and good debate.


For me the best thing about this community is how active it is and the fact we can talk about anything and everything, not just Monzo.


Those are my three and, imo, that’s a pretty good assessment as I see it as well.

Some of those on MSE are arrogant and condescending, but thankfully they tend to be called out.

That said, I am fed up of seeing the multiple threads, asking the same question, solely because the OP could not be arsed to do a quick search first. For example, Tax On Savings features regularly :person_facepalming:


That’s just forums nowadays :laughing:


I switched from Monzo a few years back so don’t have much to say.

That said, I use Starling as my main account and am barely active on that thread either.

I just think it’s a great forum and enjoy the discussions with you fine people.


Fun fact. When I started at Monzo in the summer of 2016, this forum was in it’s infancy, and there were no sections at that time for non-Monzo discussion.

It was me, based on my experience running other forums, that suggested we add other categories. My point being that, just because people have one primary shared interest that connects them, doesn’t mean that’s all they ever want to talk about with that set of people.

It seems to have paid off over the years.


Whoah hold up what did I miss. If Blitz didn’t win I’m fuming.