Sort out Amazon Payments

90% of my spending nowadays goes out to Amazon, however, it all goes into the same category, and since there is no indication what the money was for, it’s hard to even manually change the categories.
It would be great if Monzo and Amazon collaborated for some better relationship between the two companies, that would allow more options - for example, being able to distinguish what type of object you have purchased from Amazon - is it food/ kitchen appliances/ clothes or others.

It’s a good idea, but something that will never happen. Amazon aren’t giving their data away and they’ve actually made it harder for companies who help you track via your emails as they don’t even say what you’ve bought for a lot of people now.

You’ll have to amend the category yourself and/or add a note so you know what you bought.

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Monzo and Amazon don’t speak directly as I understand it, Monzo are just getting the standard messages from MasterCard.

Services like Flux (are there others?) are starting to step in to link the banks directly to the retailers for better enrichment but both parties need to opt in (Monzo already have). Somebody needs to convince Amazon to jump onboard.

Not sure flux could handle the volumes coming from Amazon though :hushed:

Hey guys, I hear you and I understand your points, but personally, I don’t think there is anything impossible. Just imagine telling someone what Monzo can do today, 10 years ago or more… no one would have believed you. I think this will be done by some bank at some point, it just depends on the effort (and negotiations team).

As said above, Monzo don’t know what you’ve bought from anyone. They just get the total and retailer info, then assign a category based on that or what you’ve used before.

For your idea to work, you’d need a middleman (like Flux) to get the data from Amazon and give it to Monzo. But Amazon aren’t going to give that up.

There used to be services that would scan your Amazon emails to give you info/trends etc, but now they send emails like this to stop it


Yeah these emails are a bugger when you’ve made multiple orders lol.

Have to go in to Orders to work out which item coming (sometimes).

Also, anyone with an Echo, if you don’t want others to know contents of your delivery when Echo gets a notification, be sure to switch that feature off :man_facepalming:

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The worst one is when not only have you made multiple orders, they’ve part-shipped one order. So searching your email on the order total to find the confirmation of the relevant order (quicker than going to the website) doesn’t work. Grr.


My partner and I use the same Amazon account, and so I never know what’s coming or when it’s coming because the emails don’t give any information which is helpful. I don’t even know why they bother sending the emails tbh.

This is one of those examples where somebody has taken a decision for commercial reasons without any thought as to the impact of the change!


Haven’t Amazon done this to stop Google snooping on their users?

You think Amazon, who are in the top 10 of the global Fortune 500, did it on a whim and without thinking of the impact? Or have I misunderstood what you are saying?

I filter out all Amazon emails because they’re useless, and then just rely on Amazon app push notifications, which tell me which item has shipped, and then another notification to say the item is “8 stops away” or whatever.