Song for midnight 🕛 tonight

Let’s go crazy - Prince

If you’re up and seeing the New Year in what’s your choice?


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Always this

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Sticking on the Scotland vs England 6N game as a way to top the night off :wink:

Before enoying the view of the fireworks from my flat for the last time :cry:

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Sounds like a good night mate :call_me_hand:

Totally surrounded by people in my life who do not like and (more often than not) despise U2

I often wonder quite how they are so popular when no-one seems to like them :wink:

Personally I think they’re boss. Even some of their new stuff is decent…

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I prefer this version myself :sweat_smile:

In reality, though, I’ll be seeing in 2019 with BBC Scotland. So it’ll be Auld Lang Syne and probably a bit of Phil and Aly.

That is an abomination :scream:

My tastes in music are… unconventional.

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