Spooky Season

I know Halloween has been growing more and more popular over here in the last few years … Looking at you America :fu:

But this is the 1st year I’ve seen an explosion of businesses all over promoting it as Spooky Season, large small and independents. No surprise really that it’s getting pushed and branded as that, everyone wants to earn that extra money.

What’s everyone doing for Halloween :eyes: I might watch all the Halloween films I can over the next couple of weeks. On the actual night / weekend wherever it falls. I move upstairs and sit in the dark. I’m not getting up to give sweets to random parasites knocking on my door :sweat_smile::rofl:


I don’t go as far as this woman but I don’t answer the door.

It’s actually improved over the years round here. Usually just very young kids with their parents and only one or two at that.


It got worse round here. Kids seemingly adopted all the “tricks” that kids play on the neighbourhood in American movies with parents not telling them how stupid it is, and they’ve been doing it early

I’m here for it. Halloween is my favourite time of the year! October has always been Halloween month for me. Unfortunately where I live now is a super religious place (Christian) and Halloween is seen as a pagan festival and they’re miserable enough to protest everything related to it.

I have fun with it anyway. Just means I have to go to Tesco for my pumpkins (not the best quality) because they convinced co op to stop selling them. Halloween stuff barely gets a small corner of an isle.

Last year whilst in Europe we went to Disney for Halloween. Covid restrictions aside, Disney always do Halloween good.


Me too!

I won’t be decorating or trick or treating, but definitely I’ll be having the candy, sweets and probably watch the final destination films in a row. Who knows

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Picked up a little early payment today, nicely surprised :bat:


No real life sweets though :eyes:

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U gotta go real trick or treatin’ if u want real life sweets!

People are miserable Christians round here so you’d get a telling off and not too many sweets for your trouble.

Ironically they then go on to celebrate the other pagan festival we now call Christmas and claim it as their own.

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I have visions of you taking all the Christmas decorations down from the neighbours houses

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