The Great Halloween Movie Debate

Few days ago me and @BritishLibrary were having a friendly debate over the best Halloween films (I won) but just want to hear what everyone else classes to be the top tier spooky films :eyes::bat::coffin:



I watched Ready or Not over Summer and that instantly became one of my all time favourite horrors so would recommend that to everyone.

Saw Krampus last year - not sure if good or just hilariously ridiculous but could def straddle the Halloween / Christmas film lists.

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Horror films don’t really get me - but ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ is a film which I did not expect to develop like it did.

Oh, and The Evil Dead is a classic too. 80’s VHS days…

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Cabin in the Woods was fantastic!

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Cabin in the Woods was a whole load of fun and pretty sure the studio slept on it until Whedon got huge post Avengers hype.

VHS Horror hangs is something I’m into.

I re-watched The Monster Squad as part of a birthday movie marathon and so much damn nostalgia.

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Die Hard


Removes Admin privileges…


Nightmare before Christmas

It’s multipurpose


Does this mean I can make the “Official countdown to Christmas” thread now?


85 days

Another one to mute :sleeping:

Sure…then it can be locked until 1st December :eyes:

Halloween. It’s Halloween. Of course it’s Halloween. :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:


Original or remake? :thinking:

I really like the conjuring films. Also IT.

If I recall back to sixth form, at Halloween, one of my classes decided to watch Rec which was also a fantastic horror film.

Train to Busan is great too.

ETA: The Babadook.

Fuck yes the Babadook.

Watched that with a friend who fell asleep…I then had to stop watching until the next day when it was light again.

I love Trick r Treat and Hocus Pocus. Also love me some Michael Myers…

Has to be the original!

Yes! Definitely Halloween, and the original is the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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