Splitting your monthly salary

Hi everyone, newbie here. Is it possible or will it be possible in the future to have your monthly salary split across the month ? As in say I get paid £2000 a month, after bills I have £1500 and the remaining £500 is divided by 4 and giving a shared amount each week, to help me budget ?

You could just do that yourself using pots?

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You could use 4 pots called ‘week 1’, ‘week 2’, ‘week 3’, week 4’ and place £125 into each.
Then on the first week, transfer the contents of the ‘week 1’ pot into your main account and watch the spending.
On the second week, transfer the contents of the ‘week 2’ pot into your main account… repeat.

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You could stick it all in one pot and schedule weekly withdrawals from it.

Even pay the bills from it.


Even better!


Ok @Kingl84

  • Go to settings Monzo Labs and turn on bill pots.
  • Create a new pot, call it whatever you like.
  • Add the full amount you want to add to the pot.
  • Go to withdraw set the weekly amount but hit schedule in blue text rather then the other button.
  • Set frequency to weekly.
  • Then go back to the pot, and pull up the tray.
  • Pick pay bill from pot
  • Allocate your direct debits to the pot.

Voila! Done


Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. My salary goes in at the end of the month so I’ll set up all the pots and bills etc ready to go for payday :slight_smile:


Let us know if you get stuck!

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I will do, thanks again