Splitting bill “something went wrong”

I’ve been able to split bills with another user with no issue and then out of the blue it stops working and comes up with this error message…any suggestions?


After a reinstall, if it’s still not working I would contact monzo.

Sadly no joy…

Logged out
App deleted
Phone rebooted
App redownloaded…no joy :slightly_frowning_face:

Any other suggestions gratefully welcomed!!!

Left-field idea - do you have ‘Payments with friends’ enabled in Settings/Privacy & Security?

I do yep.

I was able to split several bills with the same person and then this error just randomly happened and persists.


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Can you check if they have turned off payments with friends?

Try toggling both of yours off then back on,

Can you try split another transaction?

otherwise it’s probably something support should look at,